Devotees Experiences of Shirdi Sai Baba in Temple

Friends in this post I would like to explain you all about the experience that I had in Sai Baba Temple. This is an awesome experience with Shirdi Baba and I could never forget this in my life time. One day I heard information from my family friend that a new temple was opened in our area. So I decided to go to that temple and I was eager to visit that temple.

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On Thursday we had a holiday for Independence Day (2013). On the day evening I went to visit that temple around 4.00 pm with my sister. The temple was closed. One priest from temple told us that the temple will be opened after 5. So he told to come back after 5’o clock. We felt sad that we are unable to see Baba during the first visit in this new temple. We decided to come to the temple after 5 clock and we started back to home. All of a sudden it started to rain. I and my sister were standing on the rain outside the temple. Suddenly the priest stopped us and told that please come inside. Please see Baba and go. We were surprised. The priest took us inside and opened the door of the temple and asked us to see Baba. We were very happy and were surprised a lot. Sai Baba does not even make his devotees feel and he will prove that he is watching us every time and he is with us always to care us in our life and he gives us an awesome successful happy life. He never let his devotees go back without seeing him if you really want to see him or in some cases he calls you through your friend, relatives or through someone or accidentally in some cases you will visit his temple somewhere in someplace. Everything in life is a miracle. After Baba comes in our life all our sufferings and problems will come to an end and all our sorrows will turn into happiness.  Like this I had several experiences of Shirdi Sai Baba in many temples. This is my experience in Baba temple (India – Tamilnadu – Chennai) and many times I had felt the experiences of Baba in our life.


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  2. Sai Baba please help me Baba. You know all my problems.

    1. Baba knows everything. Light lamps for Baba and all our sorrows will turn into happiness soon. Read Sai Satcharitra books.

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  8. "Sai baba kissed on my right cheeks in the dream" it means?


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