Real life experiences of Sai Baba Devotee

This is a real life experience from a SAI devotee. Very painful. Not even a word is edited. It is as posted by the devotee. Contents below.

Wonderful are BABA's LEELAs and HIS ways too.   

This devotee lost her father long back when she was just in her seventh standard. And went through lots of troubles because relatives were not supportive.Her only sibling took the charges of the family in a very tender age quitting his M.B.B.S studies. Finally in the battle of life, they lost all properties and everything. Her elder brother got a cardiac arrest only in 30+ age and this devotee took the sole responsibility of looking after her family. They started again from scratches with GOD on their sides. 

Both the brother and sister were devoted to GOD. Brother moved to Chennai and was doing well with his quality analyst job in 'Medical Transcription' . Sister was in another city, concentrating in her job. Perhaps destiny had other plans. In June, 2012 , her brother passed away in sleep , giving in his 11 years' struggle. So sister rushed to Chennai, did all the final rites and came back to her work place. Everybody was suggesting her to get married as there was none to look after her and her mother. So she uploaded her profile in two of the most prominent matrimony sites. Finally in the month of September she received a marriage proposal from a Tamil, software consultant working in Tokyo. At the first instance she did not talk to that prospect much. But after some days when interaction went on, she told all about her family situation and all. 

The person seemed to be very caring, taking all the responsibilities of her and her mother. The person told  he was searching for a family who would look after him as their own son since he also lost his parents. The girl thought GOD was blessing her with the gift of marriage. The person was so nice , sober and like minded. She just wanted a person like him and the person was also telling the same. Soon there were lots of emotional exchanges as if they were already married . The person was telling, he would be visiting India in the month of December and meet her soon and everything will be fixed. The girl was waiting for December,2012. Lots of plans regarding the person's home coming. 

Booking of car, accommodation etc etc. Before that he was telling things were not going well in terms of work. Some people had been fired. He had to deliver some assignment on 15th December, so he would be visiting India on Christmas holidays and would be meeting the girl on the new year eve. On Christmas also they had long talk. She asked for his flight details and all. He was supposed to fly on 28th December and meet the girl on 29th. On 28th Morning, when the sms did not get delivered, she called on this Tokyo number. it was switched off. She got worried if there was any problem in the office or not because everybody knows the tension of the software industry., and prayed a lot.Car was already booked. So she went to airport on 29th Morning. 

He told previously that it would be a morning flight from Chennai. She checked all the flights till 9 am. But finally understood that the person did not come. And to her surprise, when she checked his gmail id, it was not working ( means deleted ). She kept on fasting prayer and on 31st December, she got the prompt in Tamil. She understood that the person landed in India. She kept on praying. Then on 10th Feb,2013 she got a call from his Tokyo number. due to network disturbance, she could not hear properly, when she called back the number, it was switched off and simultaneously she received another call on her alternate  number from an Indian number. When she called back, that number also gave the same prompt. 

Later she checked with customer care, that was a Maharashtra SIM.  Anyway six months passed by. The devotee had to do one year rituals of his brother's death. Before that she heard of 9 Thursday's Vrat. She kept all the rituals but could not visit SAI temple because of the 'Kalasouch'  ( one year restrictions after a person dies in a house). After one year puja, she went to Shirdi with her mother in the month of September,2013. Then in the month of December suddenly she received a call. It was BABA's Leela only.The call got disconnected and she called back. And got to know it was he. He told he was not working then. He was in Singapore etc etc. She told, okay, she would talk to him in the afternoon after going home. 

Then they had a long talk. He told he had been fired and all. So many emotional talks after a long gap of time. But she had a doubt whether this person got married or somewhere seeing matches. The person told he did not know what to do, he was without job etc etc. She then asked for his resume. He did not send. The friend of the girl told her to stand by with moral support that he needs at that time since he was jobless. The girl kept on sending motivating messages , Bible verses . Then again Jan, 2014 the person called. Like that it was going. That he was in so much stress, not finding any job. If finally he did not get any, he had to go to London where his only sibling was settled. The girl kept on praying hard for his job. 

Again did 9 Thursdays Vrat , visited Shirdi in MAY, 2014. Baba was telling, wait my child. There was lot to know. I would tell you. I girl visited Tirupati then in June, 2014. Finally the person was agreed to meet her in Chennai before his visit to UK. The girl visited Chennai. He told that he was residing in a friend's flat. And the SIM which he was using, that too of his friend. The girl did not suspect. But entering the house she felt Baba's presence. She first went to the pooja room unknowingly and got to see BABA's statue. She was offering her 'Namaskaram' to BABA and praying too. But she did not know what was waiting for her !  At the time, the person entered and kept 'Vivbhuti ' on her forehead . The girl thought everything was going to be fine. But everywhere in the apartment, she felt another female's presence. 

He told that his friend had relocated to Bangalore. So the girl thought that all the things lying here and there might belong to his friend and his girlfriend. The next morning he told, he was working on some project from home. He had to meet someone. So he left . The girl started cleaning the room, keeping things in order. Then she got to see some junk jwellery in the person's suitcase. Her heart just got stopped. She went to pooja room and prayed to BABA again. what is this BABA ! Why I am getting ladies things in his suitcase. BABA was standstill. then she got a travelling receipt of Tokyo in some other name. Where it was showing some travelling allowance paid for the period of 01-11-2012 to 28-12-2012. She got surprised. That 28th was his travelling date , right ! She was thinking, he was in Tokyo, his friend was in Tokyo. How come it would possible. He kept on praying . Then he found a notebook, Where one female's name and that person's name ( which she saw in the receipt) were written with heart sign and some petty cash expenditures from Jan,2013 to August 2013. And also, she got to see a visiting card in that person's name. She did not call her mother or anyone. She just lost her nerves ,still kept on praying to BABA. 

BABA was telling , wait child, lots more to know. At night the person came. while he was talking over the phone in his room, the girl got to see his wallet tying in the table. Perhaps BABA told her to see the wallet. and she saw the driving license. OMG ! the license was in that person's name ! and he was from Coimbatore ! She got to see his father's name. And understood that this person hid his name and everything. His parents are alive ! She did not shout. She just prayed to BABA to give her strength to talk to the person face to face. Then she asked him whether he was married or not. He said 'No, No'. She did not speak anything. Next day early morning flight , she came back to Hyd. At first she did not say anything to her mother. Just said, that the person had a relationship with a woman. After 15 days of her return, he told over the phone that he was married but did not reveal when did he get married and all. Lots of fights, the person wanted to make her understand he did not want to hurt her etc etc. 

The girl went to Shirdi again in October, 2014.  BABA's LEELA kept on going. In the month of February,2015, the person connected the woman on phone and made her talk to the woman. The girl politely talked to the woman and was just about to ask whether they were married when he was in Tokyo or not . The guy disconnected the call suddenly. The girl thought BABA was blessing her , truth would  be revealed and JUSTICE would be given to her. But the guy nicely managed her . Still the girl expected a call from the woman, because no woman could sit silently talking to other woman ! If she had called, they could share and the truth would come out ! but no such thing happened. By Baba's grace, the girl got the marriage certificate on Coimbatore website. 

There she could see the person got married on 12th June,2013 and his marriage got registered on 24th December,2013 ! Just imagine , how a person could do all these things ! the girl could go to police station to lodge a report of fraudulence but what law and mere humans could do before BABA ! So she left all to Shri SAI's feet. From his google+ profile seeing all the nursery poems and all, she guessed that he was becoming a father but was not confirmed. The girl had all this friend's connection from facebook . But she did not talk to anyone. Just prayed hard and left all to SAI. Her mother was not keeping well, seeing all this. She was finally admitted to hospital and had to undergo Angioplasty surgery. The person did not call for a single time. 

The girl also did not.  BABA made all the arrangements for the surgery. Her mother got discharged from hospital . She received a call again in August that he met with an accident. nothing was going well, fights were coming out ,there was no peace and all. So he wanted to take a decision, as something was not working. He wanted a discussion and wanted to know whether the girl would like to visit him since he was not keeping well. The girl knew, nothing would come out but did not behave harshly with him. Finally after Chennai Flood, she visited in Jan,2016 again. Perhaps BABA sent her to see him as a father of a baby boy. The girl went and got to know the truth. And this time she saw the woman's photo. BABA knows how she is !  Perhaps BABA wanted to show her everything. She got the woman's phone number.  She returned . She just prayed and found this blog . She kept on writing here and also on Shirdi Sai Gurusthan Mandir, Coimbatore. 

Prayers after prayers. Then in August,2016, the girl again got a call.  The person was just crying  like anyhing. He repeatedly told that GOD gave him punishment for all this wrongdoings to the girl. The girl did not talk harshly since BABA always says to behave nicely. Rather she comforted and boosted him that he would be well soon. He told that his lower part of the body got semi paralyzed one fine morning and he had to undergo surgery. He was suspecting that the girl was cursing him and doing black magic. But there was no such. The girl told she only wrote to SAI . 

           Dear Devotees, BABA again showed her the truth. One morning when she was writing prayer request to this blog, she saw someone had written a prayer request on behalf of him asking for his recovery after the terrific accident in Kuala Lumpur. The girl got to know the truth. She just wrote in the SMS. And he was not answerable to her. He was thinking to provide some financial support to her while maintaining his family life with that woman !. The girl did not agree with that. She told clearly, when there was way of legal resort, then why he was not going that way !  The guy got angry and wrote that he was unable to make any financial commitment as he had loans.As if the girl asked him for money ! BABA knows,the girl never asked him for money even when her mother was in hospital.  The girl did not tell anything. She kept on praying. She felt some evil spirit around her at her work place but she was sure BABA was protecting her.  

            Then 2017 came. She again got a call from the person in Feb that he wants to erase the bad things from her life. But how ! being with other person ! That was the girl's question again. No girl can accept her man to see with other woman in front of her own eyes ! It 's very painful for her. Still she did not tell anything. Was praying to BABA as the guy told her to pray for their togetherness. she got coconut flower inside the coconut one day while praying...another day the coconut broke into cradle shape. Through all these good signs, the girl thought perhaps BABA was telling,"Wait Child. I am working on your issue."  

            Then the time came for Coimbatore visit for Mandala Pooja. The person was supposed to visit with her and take a decision.But he did not call the girl for a single time to ask if the girl is visiting,what is the arrangement etc etc. The woman called the girl from the guy's mobile to listen to the girl's voice and to make the girl hear the baby's voice. If she was a good woman, she would not do such nasty things. Rather the woman will talk to the girl and will try to know the whole thing. But the woman doesn't do that.She does black magic to the girl, the girl feels evil spirit all around her ! 

               After coming back from Coimbatore, the situation becomes bad only as the girl asked the guy about his Hyd visit. And finally it turned to a bad fight. The girl straightly told him , there is law where one can divorce and then marry again. The guy is not interested to do that. He was just thinking to take them in Chennai and give some money every month to run the expenses of the house. He can't stay and maintain a family life with her ! Then what's the use ! If the girl doesn't have her husband and her own family ,then what is the use of this womanhood ! The girl could not accept and again it was a bitter fight. 

             The girl knows, the day when she can accept that person with that woman and their children ( obviously,the second baby will be on the way) and she will not talk about her respect ,social status, then all will be fine. But is that possible ? Can any girl see her man being with other woman every now and then! The guy knew very well, he was just doing time pass in Tokyo, he would never marry that girl; then who gave him the right to play with the girl in the name of marriage ! Was it GOD or satan working in that person's life !

                 The girl still hopes that BABA is working on the  matter. HE will do a MIRACLE and bring a SOLUTION. She doesn't know how BABA is working on , But she awaits a JUSTICE in her life .


Each one of us have problems in life. Still we need to overcome those and sacrifice many things in life. If you are interested in posting your life experiences in this blog, ping me in my mail id. Your post will be published. Let it be a case study and a lesson to others and also a miracle of Shirdi Sai Baba.

1000 names Shirdi Sai Baba sahasranamam

1000 Thousand names of Shirdi Sai Baba. Also known as sahasranamam in Hinduism. Read it once and get blessed. Om Sai Ram. Trust and patience. Miracles will happen.

1) Ohm Akandasachidhanandhaaya Namah!
2) Ohm Akilajivavathsalaaya Namah!
3) Ohm Akhua vasthu vistharaaya Namah!
4) Ohm Akbharajna Abhivandhithaaya Namah!
5) Ohm Akhila chethana vistaaya Namah!
6) Ohm Akhila veda sapradaaya Namah!
7) Ohm Akhilandesarupdpi pinde pinde prathistithaaya Namah!
8) Ohm Agranyai Namah!
9) Ohm Agrya bhumne Namah!
10) Ohm Aganitha gunaaya Namah!
11) Ohm Agauga sannivarthine Namah!
12) Ohm Achinthyamahimne Namah!
13) Ohm Achalaaya Namah!
14) Ohm Achyuthaaya Namah!
15) Ohm Ajaaya Namah!
16) Ohm Ajathasthrave Namah!
17) Ohm Ajnana thimirandhanarh chakshurunmilanakshamaaya Namah!
18) Ohm Ajanma sthithi nasaaya Namah!
19) Ohm Animadhivibhushithaaya Namah!
20) Ohm Athyunnatha dhunijvalamajnaayaiva nivarthakaaya Namah!
21) Ohm Athulbana mahasarpadhapi bhakthasurakshithre Namah!
22) Ohm Athithivra thapasthapthaaya Namah!
23) Ohm Athinamra svabhavakaaya Namah!
24) Ohm Annadhanasadhanistaaya Namah!
25) Ohm Athithi bhuktha sesabhuje Namah!
26) Ohm Adhrsyaloka sancharine Namah!
27) Ohm Adhrustapurvadharsithre Namah!
28) Ohm Adhvaithavasthuthathvajnaaya Namah!
29) Ohm Adhvaithanandha varsakaaya Namah!
30) Ohm Adhvaithananthaskthaye Namah!
31) Ohm Adhitanaaya Namah!
32) Ohm Adhokshajaaya Namah!
33) Ohm Adharmorutharucchethre Namah!
34) Ohm Adhiyajnaaya Namah!
35) Ohm Adhibhuthaaya Namah!
36) Ohm Adhidaivaaya Namah!
37) Ohm Adhyakshaaya Namah!
38) Ohm Anagaaya Namah!
39) Ohm Ananthanamne Namah!
40) Ohm Anantha guna bhusanaaya Namah!
41) Ohm Anantha murthaye Namah!
42) Ohm Ananthaaya Namah!
43) Ohm Anantha sakthi samyuthaaya Namah!
44) Ohm Ananthascharya viryaaya Namah!
45) Ohm Analhakathi manithaaya Namah!
46) Ohm Anavaratha samadhisthaaya Namah!
47) Ohm Anatha parirakshakaaya Namah!
48) Ohm Ananyapremasamhrsta gurupadha vilinahrdhe Namah!
49) Ohm Anadhruthasta siddhaye Namah!
50) Ohm Anamaaya padhapradhaaya Namah!
51) Ohm Anadhimath parabrahmane Namah!
52) Ohm Anahatha dhivakaraaya Namah!
53) Ohm Anirdesyavapuse Namah!
54) Ohm Animese kshith aprajaaya Namah!
55) Ohm Anugrahartha murthaye Namah!
56) Ohm Anuvarthitha venkusava Namah!
57) Ohm Aneka dhivyamurthaye Namah!
58) Ohm Anekadhbhutha dharsanaaya Namah!
59) Ohm Anekajanmajam papam smruthimathrena harakaaya Namah!
60) Ohm Anekajanma vruththantham savistharamudhiraayathe Namah!
61) Ohm Anekajanma sampraptha karmabhandhavidharanaaya Namah!
62) Ohm Anekajanma samsiddha sakthijhana svarupvathe Namah!
63) Ohm Antharbhahischa sarvathra vyapthakilacharacharaaya Namah!
64) Ohm Antarhrdhaaya Akasaaya Namah!
65) Ohm Anthakaleapi Namah!
66) Ohm Antharyamine Namah!
67) Ohm Antharathmane Namah!
68) Ohm Annavasthrepsitha pradhaaya Namah!
69) Ohm Aparajitha sakthaye Namah!
70) Ohm Aparigraha bhusithaaya Namah!
71) Ohm Apavargapradhathre Namah!
72) Ohm Astavarga maayaya Namah!
73) Ohm Apantharathma rupena srasturista pravarthakaaya Namah!
74) Ohm Apavrutha krupagaraaya Namah!
75) Ohm Aparajnana sakthimathe  Namah!
76) Ohm Aparthiva dhehasthaaya Namah!
77) Ohm Apam puspanibhodhakaaya Namah!
78) Ohm Aprapanchaaya Namah!
79) Ohm Apramatthaaya Namah!
80) Ohm Aprameygunakaraaya Namah!
81) Ohm Aprakrutha vapuse Namah!
82) Ohm Aprakrutha parakramaaya Namah!
83) Ohm Aprathithestadhathre Namah!
84) Ohm Abdhuladhi paragathaye Namah!
85) Ohm Abhaayam sarvabhuthebhyodhadhamithi vrathine Namah!
86) Ohm Abhimanathi dhuraaya Namah!
87) Ohm Abhiseka chamatkruthaye Namah!
88) Ohm Abhista varavarsine Namah!
89) Ohm Abhiksna dhivya sakthibhruthe Namah!
90) Ohm Abhedhanandha sandhathre Namah!
91) Ohm Amarthyaaya Namah!
92) Ohm Amrtha vaksruthaye Namah!
93) Ohm Aravindhadhalakshaaya Namah!
94) Ohm Amitha parakramaaya Namah!
95) Ohm Arisadvarga nasine Namah!
96) Ohm Aristagnaaya Namah!
97) Ohm Arhasathamaaya Namah!
98) Ohm Alabhyalabha sandhathre Namah!
99) Ohm Alpadhana suthosithaaya Namah!
100) Ohm Allanama sadhavakthre Namah!
101) Ohm Alambudhdhaaya svalangkruthaaya Namah!
102) Ohm Avatharitha sarvesaaya Namah!
103) Ohm Avadhiritha vaibhavaaya Namah!
104) Ohm Avalanibhya padabhjaaya Namah!
105) Ohm Avaliyethi visruthaaya Namah!
106) Ohm Avadhuthakilo pathayc Namah!
107) Ohm Avisistaaya  Namah!
108) Ohm Avasistasvakaryarthe thyakthadheham pravistavathe Namah!
109) Ohm Avakpani padhorave Namah!
110) Ohm Avangmanasa gocharaaya Namah!
111) Ohm Avapthasarvakamoapi karmanyeva prathistithaaya Namah!
112) Ohm Avicchinnagnihothraaya Namah!
113) Ohm Avicchinna sukhapradhaaya Namah!
114) Ohm Avekshitha dhiganthastha prajapalananistithaaya Namah!
115) Ohm Avyajakarunasindhave Namah!
116) Ohm Avyahathesta desagaaya Namah!
117) Ohm Avyahruthopa dhesaaya Namah!
118) Ohm Avyahrutha sukhapradhaaya Namah!
119) Ohm Asakyasakyakarthre Namah!
120) Ohm Asubhasaaya suddhikruthe Namah!
121) Ohm Asesa bhuthahruthsthanave Namah!
122) Ohm Asokamoha srunkhalaaya Namah!
123) Ohm Astaisvaryayutha thyagine Namah!
124) Ohm Astasiddhi parahmukhaaya Namah!
125) Ohm Asangayoga yukthathmane Namah!
126) Ohm Asangadhrudha sasthrabhruthc Namah!
127) Ohm Asarikyeyavatharesu Runanubhandhirakshskava Namah!
128) Ohm Aham bhramhasthithaprajhaaya Namah!
129) Ohm Ahambhava vivarjithaaya Namah!
130) Ohm Ahaih thvam cha thvamcvahamithi thaththvaprabhodhakaaya Namah!
131) Ohm Ahethuka krpasindhave Namah!
132) Ohm Ahimhsa nirathaaya Namah!
133) Ohm Aksina sowhrdhaaya Namah!
134) Ohm Akshayyaaya Namah!
135) Ohm Akshaaya sukhapradhaaya Namah!
136) Ohm Aksharadhapi kutasthadhutthama purushotthamaaya Namah!
137) Ohm Akliuvahana murthaye Namah!
138) Ohm Agamadhyantha sannuthaaya Namah!
139) Ohm Agamathitha sadhbhavaaya Namah!
140) Ohm Acharyaparamaaya Namah!
141) Ohm Athmanubhava santhustaaya Namah!
142) Ohm Athmavidhya visaradhaaya Namah!
143) Ohm Athmanandha prakasaaya Namah!
144) Ohm Athmaiva paramathmadhrse Namah!
145) Ohm Athmaika sarvabhuthathmane Namah!
146) Ohm Athmaramaaya Namah!
147) Ohm Athmavathe Namah!
148) Ohm Adhithyamadhyavarthine Namah!
149) Ohm Adhimadhyantha varjithaaya Namah!
150) Ohm Anandha paramanandhaaya Namah!
151) Ohm Anandha Pradhaaya Namah!
152) Ohm Anakamadhruthajnaaya Namah!
153) Ohm Anathavana nirvruthaye Namah!
154) Ohm Apadhamapaharthre Namah!
155) Ohm Apadhbhandavaaya Namah!
156) Ohm Aprikagathavaidhyaaya Paramanandhadhaayakaaya Namah!
157) Ohm Ayurarogya dhathre Namah!
158) Ohm ArthathranaParaayanaaya Namah!
159) Ohm Aropanapavadaischa maayayoga viyogakruthe Namah!
160) Ohm Aviskrutha thirodhaththa bahurupa vidambhanaaya Namah!
161) Ohm Ardhrachiththena bhakthanam Sadanugraha Varsakaaya Namah!
162) Ohm Asapasavimukthaaya Namah!
163) Ohm Asapasa vimochakaaya Namah!
164) Ohm Ichchadhina Jagathsarvaaya Namah!
165) Ohm Ichchadhina vapuse Namah!
166) Ohm Istepsithartha dhathre Namah!
167) Ohm Ichchamoha nivarthakaaya Namah!
168) Ohm Ichchoththa dhuhkha Sanchethre Namah!
169) Ohm Indriyarathi dharpagne Namah!
170) Ohm Indhira ramana haladhinama Sahasraputhahrude Namah!
171) Ohm Indhivara dhalarjyothi lochanalangkruthananaaya Namah!
172) Ohm Indhu sithala bhasine Namah!
173) Ohm Indhuvath priyadharsanaaya Namah!
174) Ohm Istapurtha Sathairlabdhaaya Namah!
175) Ohm Istadhaiva Svarupadhruthe Namah!
176) Ohm Istikadhana Suprithaaya Namah!
177) Ohm Istkalaaya rakshithre Namah!
178) Ohm Isasaktha manobhuddhaye Namah!
179) Ohm Isaradhana thathparaaya Namah!
180) Ohm Isithakila devaaya Namah!
181) Ohm Isavasyartha suchakaaya Namah!
182) Ohm Uccharanadhruthe bhakthahrudhantha upadesakaaya Namah!
183) Ohm Uththama prema margine Namah!
184) Ohm Uththamoththara karmakruthe Namah!
185) Ohm Udhasma vadhasinaaya Namah!
186) Ohm Uddharamithyudirakaaya Namah!
187) Ohm Uddhavaaya maayaproktham Bhagavathamithi bruvathe Namah!
188) Ohm Unmaththasvabhigopthre Namah!
189) Ohm Unmaththavesanamadhruthe Namah!
190) Ohm Upadhrava nivarine Namah!
191) Ohm Upamsujapabodhakaaya Namah!
192) Ohm Umesamesa ukthathmane Namah!
193) Ohm Urjitha bhakthi lakshanaaya Namah!
194) Ohm Urjitha vakpradharthre Namah! 
195) Ohm Urdhvarethase Namah!
196) Ohm Urdhvamulamadha sakhamasvaththam bhasmasathkaraayam Namah!
197)  Ohm Urdhvagathi vidhathre Namah!
198) Ohm Urdhvabhadhdhadvikethanaaya Namah!
199) Ohm Rujave Namah!
200) Ohm Ruthambharaprajnaaya Namah!
201) Ohm Runaklishtadhanapradhaaya Namah!
202) Ohm Runanubhaddhajanthunam Runamukthyaiphalapradhaaya Namah!
203) Ohm Ekakine Namah!
204) Ohm Ekabhakthaye Namah!
205) Ohm Ekavakkaayamanasaaya Namah!
206) Ohm Ekadhasyam svabhakthanam svathano: Kruthanishkruthaye Namah!
207) Ohm Ekaksharaparajnanine Namah!
208) Ohm Ekathmasarvadhesadhruse Namah!
209) Ohm Ekesvaraprathithaye Namah!
210) Ohm Ekarithyadhruthakhilaaya Namah!
211) Ohm Ekyanandhagathadhvandhvaaya Namah!
212) Ohm Ikyanandhavidhaayakaaya Namah!
213) Ohm Ikyakruthe Namah!
214) Ohm Ikyabhuthathmane Namah!
215) Ohm Ihikamushmikapradhaaya Namah!
216) Ohm Ohmkaradharaaya Namah!
217) Ohm Ojasvine Namah!
218) Ohm Aousadhlkruthabhasmadhaaya Namah!
219) Ohm Kathakirthanapadhdhathyam naradhanustitham sthuvathe Namah!
220) Ohm Kapardheklesanasine Namah!
221) Ohm Kabhirdhasavatharakaaya Namah!
222) Ohm Kapardhe puthraraksarthamanubhuthathadhamaayaya Namah!
223) Ohm Kamalaslistapadhabhjaaya Namah!
224) Ohm Kamalaayathalochanaaya Namah!
225) Ohm Kandharpadharpavidhvamsine Namah!
226) Ohm Kamaniyagunalaayaya Namah!
227) Ohm Karthakarthanyathakarthe Namah!
228) Ohm Karmayukthopyakarmakruthe Namah!
229) Ohm Karmakruthe  Namah!
230) Ohm Karmanirmukthaaya Namah!
231) Ohm Karmakarmavichakshanaaya Namah!
232) Ohm Karmabhijakshaayam karthre Namah!
233) Ohm Karmanirmulanaksamaaya Namah!
234) Ohm Karmavyadhivyapohlne Namah!
235) Ohm Karmabhandhavinasakaaya Namah! 
236) Ohm Kalimalapaharine Namah!
237) Ohm Kalau prathyakshadhaivathaaya Namah!
238) Ohm Kaliyugavatharaaya Namah!
239) Ohm Kalyuththabhavabhanjanaaya Namah!
240) Ohm Kalyanananthanamne Namah!
241) Ohm Kalyanagunabhushanaaya Namah! 
242) Ohm Kavidhasaganuthrathre Namah!
243) Ohm Kastanasakaraushadhya Namah!
244) Ohm Kakadikshitha rakshaaya dhurmohamithi rakaaya Namah!
245) Ohm Kanabhiladhapi thrathre Namah!
246) Ohm Kananepanadhanakruthe Namah!
247) Ohm Kamajithe Namah!
248) Ohm Kamarupine Namah!
249) Ohm Kamasankalpavarjithaaya Namah!
250) Ohm Kamitharthapradhathre Namah!
251) Ohm Kamadhisathrusathanaaya Namah!
252) Ohm Kamyakarmasusanyasthaaya Namah!
253) Ohm Kamerasakthinasakaaya Namah!
254) Ohm kalaaya Nahama
255) Ohm Kalakalaaya Namah!
256) Ohm Kalathithaaya Namah!
257) Ohm Kalakruthe Namah!
258) Ohm Kaladhapavinasine Namah!
259) Ohm Kalaratharjana kshamaaya Namah!
260) Ohm Kalasunakadaththannam jvaram haredhithi bhruvathe Namah!
261) Ohm Kalagnisadhrusakrodhaaya Namah!
262) Ohm Kasiramasurakshakaaya Namah! 
263) Ohm Kirthivyapthadhiganthaaya Namah!
264) Ohm Kupnivithakalebharaaya Namah!
265) Ohm Kumbharagni sisuthrathre Namah!
266) Ohm Kustaroganivarakaaya Namah!
267) Ohm kutasthaaya Nahama 268)Ohm Kruthajnaaya Namah!
269) Ohm Kruthsnakshethraprakasakaaya Nahama
270) Ohm Kruthsanjnaaya Namah!
271) Ohm Krupapurnaaya Namah!
272) Ohm Krupaayapalitharbhakaaya Namah!
273) Ohm Krsnaramasivathreyamaruthyadhisvarupadhruthe Namah!
274) Ohm Kevalathmanubhuthaye Namah!
275) Ohm Kaivalyapadanaayakaaya Namah!
276) Ohm Kovidhaaya Namah!
277) Ohm KOhmalarigaaya Namah!
278) Ohm Kopavyajasubhapradhaaya Namah!
279) Ohm Kohamithi dhivanaktham vicharamanusasakaaya Namah!
280) Ohm Kistarakshadhurmaaya Namah!
281) Ohm Krodhajithe Namah!
282) Ohm Klesanasanaaya Namah!
283) Ohm Gaganasaukshmyavistharaaya Namah!
284) Ohm Gambhiramadhurasvanaaya Namah!
285) Ohm Gangathiramvasine Namah!
286) Ohm Gangothpaththipadhambhujaaya Namah!
287) Ohm Gangagirithikyathaayathi srestena samsthuthaaya Namah!
288) Ohm Gandhapushpakshathai pujyaaya Namah!
289) Ohm Gathividhe Namah!
290) Ohm Gathisuchakaaya Namah!
291) Ohm Gahvarestapuranaaya Namah!
292) Ohm Garvamathsaryavarjithaaya Namah!
293) Ohm Gananruthyavinodhaaya Namah!
294) Ohm Galavankarvarapradhaaya Namah!
295) Ohm Girisasadhrusathyagine Namah!
296) Ohm Githacharyaaya  Namah!
297) Ohm Githadhbhutharthavakthre Namah!
298) Ohm Githarahsyasampradhaaya Namah!
299) Ohm Githajnanamaayaya Namah!
300) Ohm Githa purnopadesakaaya Namah!
301) Ohm Gunathithaaya Namah!
302) Ohm Gunathmane Namah!
303) Ohm Gunadhosha vivarjithaaya Namah!
304) Ohm Guna Guneshuvarthantha Ithyanasakthi susthiraaya Namah!
305) Ohm Gupthaaya Namah!
306) Ohm Guhahithaaya Namah!
307) Ohm Gudaaya Namah!
308) Ohm Gupthesarva nibhodhakaaya Namah!
309) Ohm Gurvangrithlvrabhakthihichetha-Devalamithiraayathe Namah!
310) Ohm Gurave Namah!
311) Ohm Guruthamaaya Namah!
312) Ohm Guhyaaya  Namah!
313) Ohm Gurupada paraayanaaya Namah!
314) Ohm Gurvisangri sadhadyathre Namah!
315) Ohm Gurusanthosa vardhanaaya Namah!
316) Ohm Gurupremasamalabdha paripurna svarupavathe Namah!
317) Ohm Gurupa sanasamsiddhaaya Namah!
318) Ohm Gurumarga pravarthakaaya Namah!
319) Ohm Gurvathmadhevatha buddhaaya brahmanandhamaayaya Namah!
320) Ohm Guroho samadhiparsvastha nimba-cchaayanivasakruthe Namah!
321) Ohm Gururvenkusa sampraptha vasthrestika sadhadruthaaya Namah!
322) Ohm Guru paramparadhista sarvathyaga paraayanaaya Namah!
323) Ohm Guru paramparapraptha sacchidhanandha murthimathe Namah!
324) Ohm Gruhahina maharajaaya Namah!
325) Ohm Gruhamedhi parasraayaya Namah!
326) Ohm Gopimsthratha yatha krusnah thathanachne kulavanaaya Namah!
327) Ohm Gopalagunduraayadhi puthra - pauthradhi vardhanaaya Namah!
328) Ohm Gospadhikrutha kastabdhaye Namah!
329) Ohm Godhavarithatagathaaya Namah!
330) Ohm Chaturbhujaaya Namah!
331) Ohm Chathurbhahu nivaritha nrusahkataaya Namah!
332) Ohm Chamathkarairasam klistair bhakthijnana vivardhanaaya Namah!
333) Ohm Chandanaleparustanam dhustanam dharsanakshamaaya Namah!
334) Ohm Chandorkaradhi bhakthanarh sadha – palananistithaaya Namah!
335) Ohm Charachara parivyapthaaya Namah!
336) Ohm Charmadhahepya vikriyaaya Namah!
337) Ohm Chanbhaayakyapatelartham chamathkara sahaayakruthe Namah!
338) Ohm Chintamagna harithrane thasya sarvabharam vahaaya Namah!
339) Ohm Chithrathi chithracharithraaya Namah!
340) Ohm Chinmaayanandhaaya Namah!
341) Ohm Chiravasakruthair bhandhai sirdigrama-punargathaye Namah!
342) Ohm Choradhyahrutha vasthuni dhaththanyevethi harsithaaya Namah!
343) Ohm Chinna samsaayaya Namah!
344) Ohm Chinna samsara bhandhanaaya Namah!
345) Ohm Jagathpithre Namah!
346) Ohm Jaganmathre Namah!
347) Ohm Jagaththrathre Namah!
348) Ohm Jagadhdhithaaya Namah!
349) Ohm Jagathsrastre Namah!
350) Ohm Jagathsakshine Namah!
351) Ohm Jagadvyapine Namah!
352) Ohm Jagadgurave Namah!
353) Ohm Jagathprabhave Namah!
354) Ohm Jagannathaaya Namah!
355) Ohm Jagadheka dhivakaraaya Namah!
356) Ohm Jaganmoha chamathkaraaya Namah!
357) Ohm Jagannataka suthradhruthe Namah!
358) Ohm Jaganmangala karthre Namah!
359) Ohm Jaganmayethi bhodhakaaya Namah!
360) Ohm Jadonmaththa pisachabhopyantha sacchithsukhasthithaaya Namah!
361) Ohm Janmabhandha vinirmuktaaya Namah!
362) Ohm Janmasaphalya manthradhaaya Namah!
363) Ohm Janmajanmantharajnaaya Namah!
364) Ohm Janmanasa rahasyavidhe Namah!
365) Ohm Japthanama susanthusta Hari-prathyaksha bhavithaaya Namah!
366) Ohm Junajalpa manadhruthya-japa-sidhdha mahadhyuthaye Namah!
367) Ohm Japapreritha bhakthaaya Namah!
368) Ohm Japyanamne Namah!
369) Ohm Janesvaraaya Namah!
370) Ohm Jalahinasthale khinnabhakthartham jalasrstikruthe Namah!
371) Ohm Javaralithi maulana sevane aklistamanasaaya Namah!
372) Ohm Jathagramath gurorvasam thasmathpurvasthalalh vrajathe Namah!
373) Ohm JathibhedhOhmathairbhedha ithi bhedha thiraskruthaaya Namah!
374) Ohm Jathividhyadhanaih chapi hinanardhrahrdha vanaaya Namah!
375) Ohm Jambhunadha parithyagine Namah! 
376) Ohm Jagaruka vithaprajaaya Namah!
377) Ohm Jaaya pthyagruhakshethra svajana-svartha varjithaaya Namah!
378) Ohm Jithadvaitha mahamohaaya Namah!
379) Ohm  Jithakrodhaaya Namah!
380) Ohm  Jithendriyaaya Namah!
381) Ohm  Jitakandarpadarpaaya  Namah!
382) Ohm  Jithathmane Namah!
383) Ohm Jithasadripave Namah!
384) Ohm Jirnahunalaaya sthane purva-janmakrutham smarathe Namah!
385) Ohm Jirnahunalaayam chadya sarva-marthyalaayaihkaraaya Namah!
386) Ohm Jirnavasthrasamam mathva dheham-thyakthva sukarhsthithaaya Namah!
387) Ohm Jirnavasthrasamam-pasyan thyakthadheham pravistavathe Namah!
388) Ohm Jivanmukthaaya Namah!
389) Ohm Jivanam mukthi sadhgathi dhaayakaaya Namah!
390) Ohm Jyothihisasthra rahasyajnaaya Namah!
391) Ohm Jyothirjnana pradhaaya Namah!
392) Ohm Jyokche suryam dhrusapasyathe Namah!
393) Ohm Jnanabhaskara murthimathe Namah!
394) Ohm Jnatha sarva rahasyaaya Namah!
395) Ohm  Jnatha brahma parathparaaya Namah!
396) Ohm Jnanabhakthi pradhaaya Namah!
397) Ohm Jnana vijnana nischaayaya Namah!
398) Ohm Jnana sakthi samarudhaaya Namah!
399) Ohm Jnanayoga vyavasthithaaya Namah!
400) Ohm Jnanagni dhagdhakarmane Namah!
401) Ohm Jnana nirdhutha kalmasaaya Namah!
402  Ohm Jnana vairagya sandhathre Namah!
403) Ohm Jnana sanchinna sarhsaayaya Namah!
404) Ohm Jnana pastha mahamohaaya Namah!
405) Ohm Jnamthyathmaiva nischaayaya Namah!
406) Ohm Jnanesvari patadhdheva prathibhandha-nivarakaaya Namah!
407) Ohm Jnanaaya Namah!
408) Ohm Jneyaaya Namah!
409) Ohm Jnanagamyaaya Namah!
410) Ohm Jnathasarvam param mathaaya Namah!
411) Ohm Jyothisam prathamajyothise Namah!
412) Ohm Jyothirhinadhyuthi pradhaaya Namah!
413) Ohm Thapassandhipthathejasvine Namah!
414) Ohm Thapthakanchana sannibhaaya Namah!
415) Ohm Thatthvajnanartha dharsine Namah!
416) Ohm Thatthvama syadhi lakshithaaya Namah!
417) Ohm Thatthva vidhe Namah!
418) Ohm Thatthva murthaye Namah!
419) Ohm Thandhralasya vivarjithaaya Namah!
420) Ohm Thathvamaladharaaya Namah!
421) Ohm Thattvasara visaradhaaya Namah!
422) Ohm Tharjithanthaka dhuthaaya Namah!
423) Ohm Thamasah paraaya Namah!
424) Ohm Thathyaganapathi prestaaya Namah!
425) Ohm Thathyanulkar gathipradhaaya Namah!
426) Ohm Tharaka brahmanamne Namah!
427) Ohm Thamo rajovivarjithaaya Namah!
428) Ohm Thamarasadalakshaaya Namah!
429) Ohm Tharabhayya surakshakaaya Namah!
430) Ohm Thilakapujithangraye Namah!
431) Ohm Thiryagjanthu gathipradhaaya Namah!
432) Ohm Thirthikrutha nivasaaya Namah!
433) Ohm Thirtha padhaaya Namah!
434) Ohm Thivrabhakthi nrusimhadhibhakthali Bhuryanugrahaaya Namah!
435) Ohm Thivraprema viragaptha venkatesa-krupanidhaye Namah!
436) Ohm Thulyapriyapriyaaya Namah!
437) Ohm Thulya nindhathma samsthuthaye Namah!
438) Ohm Thulyadhika vihinaaya Namah!
439) Ohm Thustasajjana samvruthaaya Namah!
440) Ohm Thrpthathmane  Namah!
441) Ohm Thrusahinaaya Namah!
442) Ohm Thrunikrutha jagadvasave Namah!
443) Ohm Thailikrutha jalapurnadhipa-sanjvalithalaayaya Namah!
444) Ohm Thrikalajnaaya Namah!
445) Ohm Thrimurthaye Namah!
446) Ohm Thrigunathithaaya Namah!
447) Ohm Thriyama yoganistathma dasadhigbhaktha palakaaya Namah!
448) Ohm Thrivarga moksha sandhathre Namah!
449) Ohm Thriputi rahitha sthithaye Namah!
450) Ohm Thriloka sveccha sancharine Namah!
451) Ohm Thrailokya thimirapahaaya Namah!
452) Ohm Thyaktha karma palasangaaya Namah!
453) Ohm Thyaktha bhoga sadhasukhine Namah!
454) Ohm Thyaktha dhehathmabhuddhae Namah!
455) Ohm Thyaktha sarvaparigrahaaya Namah!
456) Ohm Thyakthva-maayamaayam sarvamsvemahimni-sadhasthithaaya Namah!
457) Ohm Dhandadhruthe Namah!
458) Ohm Dhandanarhanam dhutavrtther nivarthakaaya Namah!
459) Ohm Dhambha dharpathidhuraaya Namah!
460) Ohm Dhakshinamurthaye Namah!
461) Ohm Dhakshinadhanakarthrubhyo dhasadhaprathi-dhaayakay Namah!
462) Ohm Dhakshinaprarthanadhvara-subha-krutthaththva-bhodhakaaya Nahama
463) Ohm Dhaayaparaaya Namah!
464) Ohm Dhaayasindhave Namah!
465) Ohm Dhaththathreyaaya Namah!
466) Ohm Dharidroyarh dhanivethi-bhedhachara vivarjithaaya Namah!
467) Ohm Dhaharakasa bhanave Namah!
468) Ohm Dhagdhahastharbhakavanaaya Namah!
469) Ohm Dharidhraayadhukkha bhithignaaya Namah!
470) Ohm Dhamodhara varapradhaaya Namah!
471) Ohm Dhana saundaaya Namah!
472) Ohm Dhanthaaya Namah!
473) Ohm Dhanaih chanyan vasamnaayathe Namah!
474) Ohm Dhanamargaskhalathpadha nanachandorkaravanaaya Namah!
475) Ohm Dhivyajnana pradhaaya Namah!
476) Ohm Dhivyamahgala vigrahaaya Namah!
477) Ohm Dhinedhaayaparaaya Namah!
478) Ohm Dhirghadhruse Namah!
479) Ohm Dhinavathsalaaya Namah!
480) Ohm Dhustanam dhamanesakthaaya Namah!
481) Ohm Dhuradharsa tpobalaaya Namah!
482) Ohm Dhurbhikshepyanna dhathre Namah!
483) Ohm Dhuradhrusta vinasakrthe Namah!
484) Ohm Dhkkhasoka bhaayadhvesa mohadhyasubha nasakaaya Namah!
485) Ohm Dhustanigraha-sistanugraha rupa-mahavrathaaya Namah!
486) Ohm Dhustamurkhajadadhinam aprakasa-swarupavathe Namah!
487) Ohm Dhustajanthu parithrathre Namah!
488) Ohm Dhuravarthi samasthadhruse Namah!
489) Ohm Dhrusyam nasyam na visvasyamithi bhuddhi prabhodhakaaya Namah!
490) Ohm Dhrsyam sarvarm hi chaithanyamithyanandha-prathistithaaya Namah!
491) Ohm Dhehe vigalithasaaya Namah!
492) Ohm Dhehaayathrarthamannabhuje Namah!
493) Ohm Dheho ghehah thatho manthum-ninyegururithirakaaya Namah!
494) Ohm Dhehatmabhuddhi hinaaya Namah!
495) Ohm Dhehamoha prabhanjanaaya Namah!
496) Ohm Dheho dhevalaayasthasmin dhevam pasyethyudhiraayathe Namah!
497) Ohm Dhaivi sampathprapurnaaya Namah!
498) Ohm Dhesoddhara sahaayakruthe Namah!
499) Ohm Dhvandvamoha vinirmukthaaya Namah!
500) Ohm Dhvandhvathitha vimathsaraaya Namah!
501) Ohm Dhvarakamayi vasine Namah!
502) Ohm Dveshadhroha vivarjithaaya Namah!
503) Ohm Dhvithadhvaithavisistadhin kalesthane vibhodhakaaya Namah!
504) Ohm Dhanahinandhanadyamscha samadhrustaiva rakshakaaya Namah!
505) Ohm Dhanadhena-samaihyagaaya Namah!
506) Ohm Dharamdhara sannibhaaya Namah!
507) Ohm Dharmajnaaya Namah!
508) Ohm Dharmasethave Namah!
509) Ohm Dharmasthapana sambhavaaya Namah!
510) Ohm Dhumalupasini pathnyor niryane sadhgathipradhaaya Namah!
511) Ohm Dhupakheda patelchanbhay nastasvasthana suchakaaya Namah! 
512) Ohm Dhumaayana pathath pathevarapathni-surakshakaaya Namah!
513) Ohm Dhyanavasthitha chethase Namah!
514) Ohm Dhruthyuthsaha samanvithaaya Namah!
515) Ohm Nathajanavanaaya Namah!
516) Ohm Naraloka manoramaaya Namah!
517) Ohm Nastadhrusti pradhathre Namah!
518) Ohm Naralokavidambhanaaya Namah!
519) Ohm Nagasarpamayurecha samarudha-sadananaaya Namah!
520) Ohm Nanachandhorkramahuya - thathsadgathyai kruthodhyamaaya Namah!
521) Ohm Nananimonkarasyanthe svangri dhyanalaayapradhaaya Namah!
522) Ohm Nana dhesabhidhakaraaya Namah!
523) Ohm Nanavidhi samarchithaaya Namah!
524) Ohm NaraayaNamah!raja samslaghitha patharhbhujaaya Namah!
525) Ohm Naraayanaparaaya Namah!
526) Ohm Nama varjithaaya Namah!
527) Ohm Nigruhithendriyagramaaya Namah!
528) Ohm Nigamagamagocharaaya Namah!
529) Ohm Nithya sarvagathasthanave Namah!
530) Ohm Nithyathrupthaaya Namah!
531) Ohm Nirasraayaya Namah!
532) Ohm Nithyannadhana dharmistaaya Namah!
533) Ohm Nithyanandha pravahakaaya Namah!
534) Ohm Nithya mahgaladhamne Namah!
535) Ohm Nithyagnihothra vardhanaaya Namah!
536) Ohm Nithyakarma niyokthre Namah!
537) Ohm Nithya sathvasthithaaya Namah!
538) Ohm Nimbapadhapa mulasthaaya Namah!
539) Ohm Nirantharagnirakshithre Namah!
540) Ohm Nispruhaaya Namah!
541) Ohm Nirvikalpaaya Namah!
542) Ohm Niran kusagathagathaye Namah!
543) Ohm Nirjitha kamanadhosaaya Namah!
544) Ohm Nirasaaya Namah!
545) Ohm Niranjanaaya Namah!
546) Ohm Nirvikalpa samadhisthaaya Namah!
547) Ohm Nirapekshaaya Namah!
548) Ohm Nirgunaaya Namah!
549) Ohm Nirdhvandhvaaya Namah!
550) Ohm Nithyasathvasthaaya Namah!
551) Ohm Nirvikaraaya Namah!
552) Ohm Nischalaaya Namah!
553) Ohm Niralambhaaya Namah!
554) Ohm Nirakaraaya Namah!
555) Ohm Nivruthagunadhosakaaya Namah!
556) Ohm nulkarvijaayanandhamahisan dhaththa sadhgathaye Namah!
557) Ohm Nrusimha ganudasadhaththa -prachara-karma-sadhanaaya Namah!
558) Ohm Naistika brahmacharyaaya Namah!
559) Ohm Naiskarmya parinistithaaya Namah!
560) Ohm Panadari pandurahgakyaaya Namah!
561) Ohm Patelthathyaji mathulaaya Namah!
562) Ohm Pathithapavanaaya Namah!
563) Ohm Pathrigrama samudhbhavaaya Namah!
564) Ohm Padavisrustagangambhase Namah!
565) Ohm Padhambuja nathavanaaya Namah!
566) Ohm Parabrahma svarupine Namah!
567) Ohm Parama karunalaayaya Namah!
568) Ohm Parathathva pradhipaaya Namah!
569) Ohm Paramartha nivedhakaaya Namah!
570) Ohm Paramanandha nisyandhaaya Namah!
571) Ohm Paramjyothise Namah!
572) Ohm Parathparaaya Namah!
573) Ohm Paramestine Namah!
574) Ohm Paramdhamne Namah!
575) Ohm Paramesvaraaya Namah!
576) Ohm Parama sadhgurave Namah!
577) Ohm Paramacharyaaya Namah!
578) Ohm Paradharmabhaayadhbhakthan svesve – dharmeniyojakaaya Namah!
579) Ohm Pararthaikantha sambhuthaye Namah!
580) Ohm Paramathmane Namah!
581) Ohm Paragathaye Namah!
582) Ohm Papathapoughasamharine Namah!
583) Ohm Pamaravyaja pandithaaya Namah!
584) Ohm Papaddhasam samakrsya punyamarge pravarthakaaya
585) Ohm Pipilika mukhannadhaaya Namah!
586) Ohm Pisachesvapyavasthithaaya Namah!
587) Ohm Puthrakamestiyagadhe: rthe-santhanavardhanaaya Namah!
588) Ohm Punarujjivitha prethaaya Namah!
589) Ohm Punaravarthi-nasakaaya Namah!
590) Ohm Punah punarihagamya bhakthebhyah sadhgathipradhaaya Namah!
591) Ohm Pundarikaayathakshaaya Namah!
592) Ohm Punyasravana kirthanaaya Namah!
593) Ohm Purandharadhi bhakragraaya parithranadhurandharaaya Namah!
594) Ohm Puranapurusaaya Namah!
595) Ohm Purisaaya Namah!
596) Ohm Purushoththamaaya Namah!
597) Ohm Pujapararimukhaaya Namah!
598) Ohm Purnaaya Namah!
599) Ohm Purnavairagya sobhithaaya Namah!
600) Ohm Purnanandha svarupine Namah!
601) Ohm Purna krupanidhaye Namah!
602) Ohm Purnachandra samahaladhine Namah!
603) Ohm Purnakamaaya Namah!
604) Ohm Purvajaaya Namah!
605) Ohm Pranatha palanodhyukthaaya Namah!
606) Ohm Pranatharthiharaaya Namah!
607) Ohm Prathyaksha dhevathamurthaye 
608) Ohm Prathyagathma nidharsakaaya Namah!
609) Ohm Prapanna parijathaaya Namah!
610) Ohm Prapannanamparagathaye Namah!
611) Ohm Pramanathitha chinmurthaye Namah! 
612) Ohm Pramadhabhidha—mruthyujithe Namah!
613) Ohm Prasanna vadhanaaya Namah!
614) Ohm Prasadhabhimukha dhyuthaye Namah!
615) Ohm Prasasthavache Namah!
616) Ohm Prasanthathmane Namah!
617) Ohm Priya sathyamudhaharathe Namah!
618) Ohm Premadhaaya Namah!
619) Ohm Premavasyaaya Namah!
620) Ohm Premamargaika sadhanaaya Namah!
621) Ohm Bhahurupa nigudathmane Namah!
622) Ohm Bhaladhruptha dhamakshamaaya Namah!
623) Ohm Balathidharpabhayyaji mahagarvavibhahjanaaya Namah!
624) Ohm Budha santhosadhaaya Namah!
625) Ohm Bhuddhaaya Namah!
626) Ohm Bhudhajanavanaaya Namah!
627) Ohm Bruhadhbandha vimokthre Namah!
628) Ohm Bhruhadbhara vahakshamaaya Namah!
629) Ohm Brahmakula samudbhuthaaya Namah!
630) Ohm Brahmachari vrathasthithaaya Namah!
631) Ohm Brahmanandhamruthe magnaaya Namah!
632) Ohm brahmanandhaaya Namah!
633) Ohm Brahmanandalasad dhrustaye Namah!
634) Ohm Brahmavadhine Namah!
635) Ohm Bruhacchravase Namah!
636) Ohm Brahmanasthrivisrustolka tharjitha svakruthaye Namah!
637) Ohm Brahmananam masudhisthaaya Namah!
638) Ohm Brahmanyaaya Namah!
639) Ohm brahmaviththamaaya Namah!
640) Ohm Bhakthadhasaganu prana-manavruththyadhi-rakshakaaya Namah!
641) Ohm Bhakthathyantha hithaishine Namah!
642) Ohm Bhakthasritha dhaayaparaaya Namah!
643) Ohm Bhakthartham dhruthadehaaya Namah!
644) Ohm Bhakthartham dhagdhahasthakaaya Namah!
645) Ohm Bhaktha paragathaye Namah!
646) Ohm Bhaktha vathsalaaya Namah!
647) Ohm Bhakthamanasa vasine Namah!
648) Ohm Bakthathi sulabhaaya Namah!
649) Ohm Bhakthabhavabdhi pothaaya Namah!
650) Ohm Bhagavathe Namah!
651) Ohm Bhajatham suhrudhe Namah!
652) Ohm Bhaktha sarvasvaharine Namah!
653) Ohm Bhakthanugraha katharaaya Namah!
654) Ohm Bhaktharasnaayadhi sarvesamamoghabhaaya sarhpradaaya Namah!
655) Ohm Bhakthavana samarthaaya Namah!
656) Ohm Bhakthavana dhurandharaaya Namah!
657) Ohm Bhakthabhava paradhinaaya Namah!
658) Ohm Bhakthathyantha hithausadhaaya Namah!
659) Ohm Bhakthavana prathi jnaaya Namah!
660) Ohm Bhajathamistakamadhuhe Namah!
661) Ohm Bhakthahruthpadhmavasine Namah!
662) Ohm Bhakthimarga pradharsakaaya Namah!
663) Ohm Bhakthasaaya viharine Namah!
664) Ohm Bhakthasarvamalapahaaya Namah!
665) Ohm Bhakthabhodhaikanistaaya Namah!
666) Ohm Bhakthanam sadgathipradhaaya Namah!
667) Ohm Bhadramarga pradharsine Namah!
668) Ohm Bhadrambhadramithi bhruvathe Namah!
669) Ohm Bhadrasravase Namah!
670) Ohm Bhannumayisadhvimahitha sasanaaya Namah!
671) Ohm Bhaayasanthrasthakapardhe amogabhaaya-varapradaaya Namah!
672) Ohm Bhaayahmaaya Namah!
673) Ohm Bhaaya thrathre Namah!
674) Ohm Bhaayakruthe Namah!
675) Ohm Bhaayanasanaaya Namah!
676) Ohm Bhavavaridhipothaaya Namah!
677) Ohm Bhavaluntana kovidhaaya Namah!
678) Ohm Bhasmadhana nirasthadhi vyadhidhu:kasubhakilaaya Namah!
679) Ohm Bhasmasathkruthabhaktharaye Namah!
680) Ohm Bhasmasathkrutha manmadhaaya Namah!
681) Ohm Bhasmaputha masudhisthaaya Namah!
682) Ohm Bhasma dhagdhakilamaayaya Namah!
683) Ohm Bhagoji kustarogagnaaya Namah!
684) Ohm Bhasakila suvedhithaaya Namah!
685) Ohm Bhasyakruthe Namah!
686) Ohm Bhavagamyaaya Namah!
687) Ohm Bharasarva parigrahaaya Namah!
688) Ohm Bhagavatha sahaayaya Namah!
689) Ohm Bhavana sunyathah sukine Namah!
690) Ohm Bhagavatha pradhanaaya Namah!
691) Ohm Bhagavathoththamaaya Namah!
692) Ohm Bhatedhvesam samakrusya bhakthim thasmaipradhathavathe Namah!
693) Ohm Bhillarupena dhaththambhase Namah!
694) Ohm Bhikshannadhana sesabhuje Namah!
695) Ohm Bhikshadharma maharajaaya Namah!
696) Ohm Bhiksvauga dhaththabhojanaaya Namah!
697) Ohm Bhimaji kshaayapappagne Namah! 
698) Ohm Bhimabalanvithaaya Namah!
699) Ohm Bhithanam bhithinasine Namah!
700) Ohm Bhisana bhisanaaya Namah!
701) Ohm Bhishachalitha suryagni magavanmruthyu maruthaaya Namah!
702) Ohm Bhukthi mukthi prathathre Namah!
703) Ohm Bhujagad rakshitha prajaaya Namah!
704) Ohm Bhujangarupamavisya sahasra jana pujithaaya Namah!
705) Ohm Bhukthva bhojanadhathrunam dagdha praguththarasubhaaya Namah!
706) Ohm Bhutidhvara gruham bhaddhva kruthasarvamathalaayaya Namah!
707) Ohm Bhubhruthsamopakarine Namah!
708) Ohm Bhumne Namah!
709) Ohm Bhusaayaya Namah!
710) Ohm Bhuthasarnyabhuthaaya Namah!
711) Ohm Bhuthathmane Namah!
712) Ohm Bhuthabhavanaaya Namah!
713) Ohm Bhuthaprethapisachadhina dharmamarge niyojaayathe Namah!
714) Ohm Bhruthyasya bhruthyasevakruthe Namah!
715) Ohm Bhruthyabharavahaaya Namah!
716) Ohm Bhekam dhaththavaram smruthva sarpasyadhapi rakshakaaya Namah!
717) Ohm Bhogaisvaryesvasakthathmane Namah!
718) Ohm Bhaisajye bhisajam varaaya Namah!
719) Ohm Markarupena bhakthasya rakshane thena thadithaaya Namah!
720) Ohm Manthragosa masudhisthaaya Namah!
721) Ohm Madhabhimana varjithay Namah!
722) Ohm Madhupanabhrusasakthim dhivya sakthya vyapohakaaya Namah!
723) Ohm Masudhyam thulasipujamagnihothram cha sasakaaya Namah!
724) Ohm Mahavakya sudhamagnaaya Namah!
725) Ohm Mahabhagavathaaya Namah!
726) Ohm Mahanubhava thejasvine Namah!
727) Ohm Mahayogesvaraaya Namah!
728) Ohm Mahabhaaya parithrathre Namah!
729) Ohm Mahathmane Namah!
730) Ohm Mahabhalaaya Namah!
731) Ohm Madhavaraaya dhespande sakyu: sahayyakruthe Namah!
732) Ohm Manapamanayosthulyaaya Namah!
733) Ohm Margabhandhave Namah!
734) Ohm Maruthaye Namah!
735) Ohm Maayamanusarupena gudaisvaryaparathparaaya Namah!
736) Ohm Margastha devasathkarah karyaithyanusasithre Namah!
737) Ohm Marigrastha bhuti thrathre Namah!
738) Ohm Marjalochchista bhojanaaya Namah!
739) Ohm Mirikaram sarpagandath daivajnapthad vimochaayathe Namah!
740) Ohm Mithavache Namah!
741) Ohm Mithabhuje Namah!
742) Ohm Mithresthrau-sadhasamaaya Namah!
743) Ohm Minathayi prasuthyarthem presithaaya ratham dhadhathe Namah!
744) Ohm Muktha sanganahamvadhine Namah!
745) Ohm Mukthasamsruthi bhandhanaaya Namah!
746) Ohm Muhurdhevavatharadhi namochcharana nirvruthaaya Namah!
747) Ohm Murthi pujanusasthre Namah!
748) Ohm Murthimanapi amurthimathe Namah!
749) Ohm Mulesasthrigurordholap maharajasya rupadhruthe Namah!
750) Ohm Mruthasunum samakrusya purvamathariyojaayathe Namah!
751) Ohm Mrudhalaaya nivasine Namah!
752) Ohm Mruthyubhithi vyapohakaaya Namah!
753) Ohm Megasyamaaya-pujartham sivalingaih upaharathe Namah!
754) Ohm Moha kalila thirnaaya Namah!
755) Ohm Moha samsaaya nasakaaya Namah!
756) Ohm Mohini raja pujaayam kulkarnyappa niyojakaaya Namah!
757) Ohm Mokshamargasahaayaya Namah!
758) Ohm Mouna vyakyaprabhodhakaaya Namah!
759) Ohm Yajnadhanathapo nistaaya Namah!
760) Ohm Yajnasistanna bhojanaaya Namah!
761) Ohm Yathendhriya manobhuddhaye Namah!
762) Ohm Yathidharma supalakaaya Namah!
763) Ohm Yatho vacho nivarthanthe thadhanandha sunistithaaya Namah!
764) Ohm Yatnathisaayasevaptha gurupurna-krupabalaaya Namah!
765) Ohm Yathecchasukshma sancharine Namah!
766) Ohm Yathestadhana dharmakruthe Namah!
767) Ohm Yanthrarudamjagathsarvaih maayaya bramaayathprabhave Namah!
768) Ohm Yamakirikara santhrastha samanthasya sahaayakruthe Namah!
769) Ohm Yamadhuthapariklista purandhareasurakshakaaya Namah!
770) Ohm Yamabhithi vinasine Namah!
771) Ohm YavanaJaaya bhusanaaya Namah!
772) Ohm Yasasapi maharajaaya Namah!
773) Ohm Yasahpuritha bharathaaya Namah!
774) Ohm Yaksharakshah pisachanam sannidhyadheva nasakaaya Namah!
775) Ohm Yuktha bhojana nidhraaya Namah!
776) Ohm Yughanthara charithravidhe Namah!
777) Ohm Yogasakthi jithasvapnaaya Namah!
778) Ohm Yogamaaya samavruthaaya Namah!
779) Ohm Yogavikshanasamdaththa paramanandha murthimathe Namah!
780) Ohm Yogi hrudh dhyanagamyaaya Namah!
781) Ohm Yogakshema vahaaya Namah!
782) Ohm Rathastha rajathasveshu hruthesvamlana manasaaya Namah!
783) Ohm Rasaaya Namah!
784) Ohm Rasasarajnaaya Namah!
785) Ohm Rasana rasajithe Namah!
786) Ohm Rasopyasya pararh dhrustva nivarthitha mahaayasase Namah!
787) Ohm Rakshanathposhanath sarva pithrumathru- guruprabhave Namah!
788) Ohm Ragadhvesa viyukthathmane Namah!
789) Ohm Rakachandra samananaaya Namah!
790) Ohm Rajivalochanaaya Namah!
791) Ohm Rajabhi: chabhivandhithaaya Namah!
792) Ohm Ramabhakthi prapurnaaya Namah!
793) Ohm Ramarupa pradharsakaaya Namah!
794) Ohm Ramasarupya labhdhaaya Namah!
795) Ohm Ramasayithi visruthaaya Namah!
796) Ohm Ramadhuthamaayaya Namah!
797) Ohm Ramamanthropadhesakaaya Namah!
798) Ohm Ramamurthyadhisamkarthre Namah!
799) Ohm Rasane kulavardhanaaya Namah!
800) Ohm Rudhrathulya prakopaaya Namah!
801) Ohm Rudrakopa dhamakshamaaya Namah!
802) Ohm Rudra visnukruthabhedhaaya Namah!
803) Ohm Rupini rupya mohajithe Namah!
804) Ohm Ruperupe chidhathmanam pasyadhvam ithi bhodhakaaya Namah!
805) Ohm Rupadhrupantharam yatho amrutha ithyabhaayapradhaaya Namah!
806) Ohm Rege sisosthathaandhasya satham gathi vidhaayakaaya Namah!
807) Ohm Roga dharidhrya dhuhkhadm bhasma dhanena varaayathe Namah!
808) Ohm Rodhanadh dhravachiththaaya Namah!
809) Ohm ROhmaharsadhavak kruthaye Namah!
810) Ohm Laghvasine Namah!
811) Ohm Laghunidhraaya Namah!
812) Ohm Labdhasvagramani sthuthaaya Namah!
813) Ohm Lagudodhdhrutha rohilla sthaihbanath dharpanasakaaya Namah!
814) Ohm Lalithadhbhutha charithraaya Namah!
815) Ohm Lakshminaraayanaaya Namah!
816) Ohm Lilamanusa dhehasthaaya Namah!
817) Ohm Lilaamanusa karmakruthe Namah!
818) Ohm Lelesasthri sruthi prithya masudhi vedhagosanaaya
819) Ohm Lokabhiramaaya Namah!
820) Ohm Lokesaaya Namah!
821) Ohm lolupathvavivarjithaaya Namah!
822) Ohm Lokesu vihatham schapi sacchidhanandha samsthithaaya Namah!
823) Ohm Lonivarnyam ganudhasam mahaapaayadh vimochakaaya Namah!
824) Ohm Vasthravadh vapurvikshya- Sweccha thyakthakalebharaaya Namah!
825) Ohm Vasthravath dhehamuthsrujya punardheham pravistavathe Namah!
826) Ohm Vandhyadhoda vimukthyartham thadhvasthre narikeladhaaya Namah!
827) Ohm Vasudhevaika santhustaye Namah!
828) Ohm Vadhadhvesa madhapriyaaya Namah!
829) Ohm Vidhya vinaaya sampannaaya Namah!
830) Ohm Vidheyathmane Namah!
831) Ohm Viryavathe Namah!
832) Ohm Viviktha dhesasevine Namah!
833) Ohm Visvabhavana bhavithaaya Namah!
834) Ohm Visvamangala mangalyaaya Namah!
835) Ohm Visaayath samhruthendhriyaaya Namah!
836) Ohm Vitharaga bhaayakrodhaaya Namah!
837) Ohm Vrudhdhandhekshana sampradhaaya Namah!
838) Ohm Vedhanthambhuja suryaaya Namah!
839) Ohm Vedhisthagni vivardhanaaya Namah!
840) Ohm Vairagya purnacharithraaya Namah!
841) Ohm Vaikuntapriyakarmakruthe Namah!
842) Ohm Vaihaayasagathaye Namah!
843) Ohm Vyamoha prasamouisadhaaya Namah!
844) Ohm Sathrucchedhaika manthraaya Namah!
845) Ohm Saranagatha vathsalaaya Namah!
846) Ohm Saranagatha bhimajisvandhabhekadhi rakshakaaya Namah!
847) Ohm Sarirastha asarirasthaaya Namah!
848) Ohm Sariraneka sambhruthaaya Namah!
849) Ohm Sasvathparartha sarvehaaya Namah!
850) Ohm Sarira karmakevalaaya Namah!
851) Ohm Sasvatha dharmagopthre Namah!
852) Ohm Santhi dhanthi vibhusithaaya Namah!
853) Ohm Sirasthambhitha gangambhase Namah!
854) Ohm Santhakaraaya Namah!
855) Ohm Sistadharmamanuprapya moulana padha sevithaaya Namah!
856) Ohm Sivadhaaya Namah!
857) Ohm Sivarupaaya Namah!
858) Ohm Sivasakthiyuthaaya Namah!
859) Ohm Siriyanusuthodvaham yathoktham paripuraayathe Namah!
860) Ohm Sithosnasukhadhukkhesu samaaya Namah!
861) Ohm Sithalavak sudhaaya Namah!
862) Ohm Sirdi nyastha gurordhehaaya Namah!
863) Ohm Sirdithyaktha kalebharaaya Namah!
864) Ohm Suklambaradharaaya Namah!
865) Ohm Suddha sathvagunasthithaaya Namah!
866) Ohm Suddhajnana svarupaaya Namah!
867) Ohm Subha asubha vivarjithaaya Namah!
868) Ohm Subhramargena thadvisno: paramarh padharh nnrun nethere Namah!
869) Ohm Selugurukule vasine Namah!
870) Ohm Sesasayine Namah!
871) Ohm Srikantaaya Namah!
872) Ohm Srikaraaya Namah!
873) Ohm Srimathe Namah!
874) Ohm Srestaaya Namah!
875) Ohm Sreyovidhaayakaaya Namah!
876) Ohm Sruthismrithisirorathna vibhusitha-padhambhujaaya Namah!
877) Ohm Sreyan svadharma ithyukthva svasvadharmaniyojakaaya Namah!
878) Ohm Sakarama sa siyaaya Namah!
879) Ohm  Sakalasraayakamadhuhe Namah!
880) Ohm Sagunanirguna brahmane Namah!
881) Ohm Sajjanamanasa vyOhma raja-manasudhakaraaya Namah!
882) Ohm Sathkarmanirathaaya Namah!
883) Ohm Sathsanthana varapradhaaya Namah!
884) Ohm Sathya vrathaaya Namah!
885) Ohm Sathyaaya Namah!
886) Ohm Sathsulabhonya dhurlabhaaya Namah!
887) Ohm Sathyavache Namah!
888) Ohm Sathyasahkalpaaya Namah!
889) Ohm Sathyadharma paraayanaaya Namah!
890) Ohm Sathya parakramaaya Namah!
891) Ohm Sathya dhrastre Namah!
892) Ohm Sanathanaaya Namah!
893) Ohm Sathya naraayanaaya Namah!
894) Ohm Sathyathathva prabhodhakaaya Namah!
895) Ohm Sathpurushaaya Namah!
896) Ohm Sadhacharaaya Namah!
897) Ohm Sadha parahitherathaaya Namah!
898) Ohm Sadhakshiptha nijanandhaaya Namah!
899) Ohm Sadhanandhaaya Namah!
900) Ohm Sadhgurave Namah!
901) Ohm Sadajana hithodhyukthaaya Namah!
902) Ohm Sadathmane Namah!
903) Ohm Sadasivaaya Namah!
904) Ohm Sadardhachitthaaya Namah!
905) Ohm Sadrupine Namah!
906) Ohm Sadasraayaya Namah!
907) Ohm Sada ajithaaya Namah!
908) Ohm Sanyasayoga yukthathmane Namah!
909) Ohm Sanmargasthapana vrathaaya Namah!
910) Ohm Sabhijam palamadhaaya nirbhijam parinamakaaya Namah!
911) Ohm Samadhuhkha suka swasthaaya Namah!
912) Ohm Samalostasma kanchanaaya Namah!
913) Ohm Samartha sadgurusrestaaya Namah!
914) Ohm Samana rahithaaya Namah!
915) Ohm Samasritha janathrana vratha-palanathathparaaya Namah!
916) Ohm Samudrasamagambhiryaaya Namah! 
917) Ohm Sankalpa rahithaaya Namah! 
918) Ohm Samsarathapa haryahgraye Namah!
919) Ohm Samsara varjithaaya Namah!
920) Ohm Samsaroththara namne Namah!
921) Ohm Sarojadhala kOhmalaaya Namah!
922) Ohm Sarpadhi bhaayaharine Namah!
923) Ohm Sarparupepyavasthithaaya Namah!
924) Ohm Sarva karmaphalathyagine Namah!
925) Ohm Sarvathra samavasthithaaya Namah!
926) Ohm Sarvathah panipadhaaya Namah!
927) Ohm SarvathokshisirOhmukaaya Namah!
928) Ohm Sarvatha: sruthimanmurthaye Namah!
929) Ohm Sarvamavruthya samsthithaaya Namah!
930) Ohm Sarvadharma samathrathre Namah!
931) Ohm Sarva dharma supujithaaya Namah! 
932) Ohm Sarvadharman parithyajya gurvisam saranam gathaaya Namah!
933) Ohm Sarvadhi sakshibhuthaaya Namah!
934) Ohm Sarvanamabhi suchithaaya Namah!
935) Ohm Sarva bhuthantharathmane Namah!
936) Ohm Sarva bhuthasaayasthithaaya Namah!
937) Ohm Sarvabhuthadhi vasaaya Namah!
938) Ohm Sarvabhutha hitherathaaya Namah!
939) Ohm Sarvabhuthathma bhuthathmane Namah!
940) Ohm Sarvabhutha suhrudhe Namah!
941) Ohm Sarvabhuthanisonnidhraaya Namah!
942) Ohm Sarvabhutha samadhruthaaya Namah!
943) Ohm Sarvajnaaya Namah!
944) Ohm Sarvavidhe Namah!
945) Ohm Sarvasmai Namah!
946) Ohm Sarvamatha susammathaaya Namah!
947) Ohm Sarvarm brahmamaayam dhrastre Namah!
948) Ohm Sarvasakthyupabrurmhithaaya Namah!
949) Ohm Sarvasankalpa sanyasine Namah!
950) Ohm Sanga vivarjithaaya Namah!
951) Ohm Sarvaloka saranyaaya
952) Ohm Sarvaloka mahesvaraaya Namah!
953) Ohm Sarvesaaya Namah!
954) Ohm Sarvarupine Namah!
955) Ohm Sarvasathru nibharhanaaya Namah!
956) Ohm Sarvaisvaryaika manthraaya Namah!
957) Ohm Sarvepsitha palapradhaaya Namah!
958) Ohm Sarvopakarakarine Namah!
959) Ohm Sarvopasya padhambhujaaya Namah!
960) Ohm Sahasra sirsamurthaye Namah!
961) Ohm Sahasrakshaaya Namah!
962) Ohm Sahasrapade Namah!
963) Ohm Sahasranama visvasine Namah!
964) Ohm Sahasranama lakshithaaya Namah!
965) Ohm Sakaraapi nirakaraaya Namah!
966) Ohm Sakararcha sumanithaaya Namah!
967) Ohm Sadhujana parithrathre Namah!
968) Ohm Sadhu poshakaaya Namah!
969) Ohm Salokasastisamipya sayujyapadha dhaayakaaya Namah!
970) Ohm Sayiramaaya Namah!
971) Ohm Sayinathaaya Namah!
972) Ohm Sayisaaya Sayeesa Namah! 
973) Ohm Sayi satthamaaya Namah! Namah!
974) Ohm Sakshathkrutha hariprithya sarva-sakthiyuthaaya Namah!
975) Ohm Sakshathkara pradhathre Namah!
976) Ohm Sakshath manmatha mardhanaaya Namah!
977) Ohm Sayine Namah!
978) Ohm Sayidhevaaya Namah!
979) Ohm Siddhesaaya Namah! 
980) Ohm Siddha sankalpaaya Namah!
981) Ohm Siddhidhaaya Namah!
982) Ohm Siddhaayavahmukhaaya Namah!
983) Ohm Sukrutha dhushkruthathithaaya Namah!
984) Ohm Sukesu vigathaspruhaaya Namah!
985) Ohm Suka dhukkha samaaya Namah!
986) Ohm Sudhasyandhi mukojvalaaya Namah!
987) Ohm Svecchamathra jahaddhehaaya Namah!
988) Ohm Svecchopatthathanave Namah!
989) Ohm Svikrutha bhaktharogaaya Namah!
990) Ohm Svemahimni prathistithaaya Namah!
991) Ohm Harisate thathananarh kamadhe: parirakshakaaya Namah!
992) Ohm Harshamarshabhayodvegaihi nirmuktha vimalasaayaya Namah!
993) Ohm Hindumuslim samuhamscha maithrikaranathatparapa Namah!
994) Ohm Humkarenaiva sukshipram sthabdha prachandamaruthaaya Namah!
995) Ohm Hrudhaayagranthibhedhine Namah!
996) Ohm Hrudhaayagranthivarjithaaya Namah!
997) Ohm Kshanthanantha dhaurjanyaaya Namah!
998) Ohm Kshithipaladhisevithaaya Namah!
999) Ohm Kshipraprasadhadhathre Namah!
1000) Ohm Kshethrikruthasvasirdikaaya Namah!

Sai Baba miracle short story film please share

Can you feel the presence of baba in the short film. Baba will always be with us. No fear when Baba is here. Om Sai Ram. He cares you at any time if you surrender yourself to him and if your love is true to him. Patience and faith brings miracles. If you look towards him then he looks you and saves and blesses you thousand times more than the love you have in him. You can see miracles. Feel his presence in the short film if you can. Kindly share...