Saturday, February 27, 2016

Powerful Ganesha Sai Baba miracle

This is a lucky powerful miracle making beautiful Ganesha Sai baba picture and video. Make prayers and good wish and get answered. It's beautiful. Share the blog with your friends. Om Sai ram.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sai Baba Solutions for Health Problems

In this post let me explain the next part as I said on Sai Baba Solutions for Health Problems – Part 2

Shirdi Sai Baba used “UDI” – the sacred ash from the dhuni (burning fire in Shirdi) as a medicine to cure all the deadly diseases of the affected people to heal them. You can also use the same procedure (mixture of water and UDI and drink it with the blessings of Baba to cure all the diseases. Use UDI from shirdi temple with prayers and chant the mantras and slogas.) Apart from this I will explain other ways to treat the diseases, prevention and to be healed. Search for Dhuni and udi in this blog to read more on this.

Health is important to enjoy the life. If health is good then life remains happy. To work we need good health. If health is lost, then everything is lost. Let me share few points on reasons behind poor health, maintaining and retaining the health.

As we discussed in part 1, waking up early in the morning not only brings good luck in life, but also it’s a key source for good health. People waking up by 9 clock, 10, etc.… are spoiling their health. Waking up early in the morning by 4 clock will automatically change your health and life. These are the common points that everyone know. Let me share certain key points that are interesting and new to majority of the people on maintaining good health and to enjoy the life.

Water Fasting
You can follow water fasting procedure to be healed from several diseases. To reduce toxins from blood, to treat several other diseases.

Juice Fasting
This is to provide sufficient energy to your body and to make you active and strong.

The power of neem leaves
Try to brush with natural neem leaves daily. Try to eat a neem leave daily. There is no best medicine in this world better than neem leaves.

Turmeric in milk
Mix turmeric powder and pepper powder in milk and drink it to treat several diseases.

There are n number of powers spiritually and medically with meditation.

Eat less and drink more water
Following this will really make you fit and happy and strong.

Quit bad habits
This will change your entire life. If you cannot quit bad habits like smoking, drinking and others, then your life remains as the same.

Avoid lust
Avoiding lust will make you blessed. Be truthful to your partner. You can be healed with your own character.

Tulsi leaf
Eat tulsi leaves daily to get good health and to remain blessed and happy.
Please do google on the above methods to learn more on this and follow these properly and change you life. Get healed and blessed.

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