Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lucky dress coding for thursday

Dear Sai devotees, in this post I am going to share you all the dress coding to wear on every thursday which brings miracles into your life in the name of luck. Colors play a vital role not only in trend but also in driving luck and prosperity in life. Thursday is the favorouble day of not only Baba but also its a day for lord guru the master of 9 planets. Thursday is also a day for lord lakshmi kuber the Lord of prosperity. Sandal color is the symbolic color of Lord guru and green is the symbolic color of lord kuber. Both these colors brings blessings and miracles in our life in the name of luck. Lord guru changes our life into a golden one. Try to visit lord guru temple or light ghee lamps to lord guru in navagrahas every thursday to change your life. So try to wear sandal color or green color shirt in every Thursday as it drives luck into your life. Green attracts wealth in life. The key thing is light ghee lamps every Thursday to have blessings and miracles. This brings prosperity, health and happy life. Om Sai Ram.

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