Sai Baba is Healing You

Are you in pain that someone betrayed you. Are you feeling seperated from everyone. Do you have no one really to share your feelings. Are you criticized by your friends and relatives and colleagues. Are you idle now. Below sentences are waiting for you.
Your close friend betrays you
Your lover betrays you
Your work environment betrays you
Your husband / wife betrays you
Your parents betrays you
Your grand parents betrays you
Your children betrays you
Your grand children betrays you
All relationship betrays you but the pet the dog which you cared will never ever betray you and lives for you and dies for you. This is the love that you should have towards Sai even if the entire world and things are against you. If you are betrayed and finally have no one to share your worries keep in mind that Shirdi Sai is healing you with pain. He is a great mind master who heals you. If you take your feelings to your heart it pains. Don't feel for anything. Be brave and sound minded and soft hearted and humble yourself in front of others as you will be exalted. Chant Om Sai Ram and follow your heart and nothing haunts you. Whatever if others do to you they can't increase or decrease an inch in your success what Baba is going to give you. Be happy as your days bring them more and your life as what you thinketh. Everything in this world is false and Maya except Baba s love. Life is beautiful with the blessings of Baba. Om Sai Ram.

Blessings after Pain

No one is blessed immediately. It is the quality and trust along with patience that you have in your Sai brings you the blessings based on the quality of your heart, thoughts, words that you speak and doings along with the principles of Sai Baba if you really follow. At first you should be ready to accept the pain what he gives you. He tests your patience until you leave him. But love him more and more even if you receive nothing. You can understand everything finally. He is the Lord. He knows everything and he knows what to give you and what not to. Are you betrayed by everyone in your life. Stay cool and say Sai Ram. Nothing impacts you. Close your eyes ears and mouth when everything is against you and think Sai and things turn smooth. Om Sai Ram.

You are not yet blessed

Dear devotees of Sai. Do you think that you are really blessed by Sai Baba? No. Not really yet. We think that we are blessed by him with few positive things that happened in our lives after the arrival of Sai in our life. For his sight on us we received those good things and happenings in our life. Do you really know how his blessings will be? Do you know whom does he really bless? Yes his blessings will be awesome like he gives us the water to drink so that we never ever get thirsty again in our life. He blesses the person who is very righteous from his heart and thoughts and doings. Listen to his teachings and follow his words and you will know the power of his real blessing. We are not blessed yet. Om Sai Ram.