Shradha Saburi Trust and Patience

Shradha and Saburi means trust and patience. It is the powerful principle what all Sai Baba devotees should really have in order to get blessed. How long will you trust? It is not the trust and patience that you have until you get blessed. It is the love along with trust and patience even if you fail to make things in your life. Baba always tests the love and trust and patience that you have in him. Some people lose their trust in baba if they never get what they want and they forgive and forget baba. But he never forgives and forgets us. Once you are tuned with baba then your life will be awesome. Accept what he gives you and thank him and sing songs to him and keep loving as your life turns beautiful one day. Trust and patience should exists for all the Sai devotees until death even if we never get thinks what we want and what we really wished for. There is life after death which baba gives peace. Om Sai Ram


  1. sir my sister has undergone an operation baba make her more hale and healthy
    she should recover from here diseases soon baba

  2. Sai Baba please bless me with a baby girl. Only you understand me more than anyone.I have faith and patience in you Baba.I trust you Baba!


Sai Baba Please save all of us. Help us...
Have Faith in Baba and be Patience...