Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sabka Malik Ek Hai

"Sabka Malik Ek Hai" is the word Shirdi Sai Baba uses to say often. What does it mean. It means all Gods are one. He accepted all the gods are same and equal and all the religions belong to the same and they mean the same and all gods are one. All the religions mean the same concept love everybody and help others and forgiveness and righteousness from the heart and that's it. People who accept Sai Baba as their god should always follow the words of him. Sure we will get blessed and healed and see miracles in our life.

Picture by Vignesh M (Magna College of Engineering)

When sun light is passed through the prism it splits into 7 different colours which is the basic science. The source is one. This is the best example to explain Sabka Malik Ek Hai. All gods are one and the source is same. Love is life and life is Baba. Om Sai Ram.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Shradha Saburi Trust and Patience

Shradha and Saburi means trust and patience. It is the powerful principle what all Sai Baba devotees should really have in order to get blessed. How long will you trust? It is not the trust and patience that you have until you get blessed. It is the love along with trust and patience even if you fail to make things in your life. Baba always tests the love and trust and patience that you have in him. Some people lose their trust in baba if they never get what they want and they forgive and forget baba. But he never forgives and forgets us. Once you are tuned with baba then your life will be awesome. Accept what he gives you and thank him and sing songs to him and keep loving as your life turns beautiful one day. Trust and patience should exists for all the Sai devotees until death even if we never get thinks what we want and what we really wished for. There is life after death which baba gives peace. Om Sai Ram

Accept what Sai Baba gives

Dear friends we all know that life will be beautiful if we get everything what we really like and what we really want. Few people fight against what they want and finally they deserve it. But those who accept Sai Baba as their god should be ready to face everything in their life and they should ready to accept everything what he gives us. Accept everything what Baba gives and one day he proves you that what he did is perfect. Even if we ask for our like and needs he knows well to give and handle us. So there are reasons for all of his doings in our life. Don't lose the confidence that you have in him and ask and make prayers to him and hard work and pain along with his blessings brings wonderful and happy life. Even if you give up the goal what you are trying to deserve, don't give up the love and trust that you have in him as he loves all of us and he wishes for our well being always. Om Sai Ram. Let us all love Baba really for love and not for all our needs.

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