Sai Baba Miracle Stories Sai Satcharitra

SHRI SAI SATCHARITRA consists of 49 chapters. Each chapter is dedicated to Shri Shirdi Sai Baba and it’s all about his life stories. The author of Sai Satcharitra is Govind Raghunath Dabholkar (Hemadpant). He was a great devotee of Shri Sai Baba. He went to Baba and asked please give me your permission to write about your life story as a biography, then baba replied you are free and welcome to write my life story and may Allah bless you. So with the Baba’s permission he started to write the Satcharitra in the year 1897. This book is a very powerful one and can bring great blessings and miracles to the devotees of Sai who read it with all hearts and with a dedicated mind. This book must be done read finished within a week (preferably Thursday to next Wednesday) to receive the maximum blessings. At the end of the week after completing please worship Baba and give “anna dhanam” (give food to poor one). After performing this receive blessings in your life and see the miracles what Baba does in your life. Let us see below some of the real miracles stories of Sai Baba from Sai Satcharitra.

Saving a Devotee from Snake Bite

There was an astrologer named Mr.Nana sahib danglae. He told to Mr. Booty (person who had constructed the present baba’s Samadhi temple) that this day will not be good for him.This leads booty to unpieceful condition. Once he went to mosque to met Baba, he told to booty that “what astrologer told to you, did he tell any death will come to you? Well you don’t get panic or afraid, go with piece and let me see how death will kill you”. Booty alone used to go to take rest under the tree. Suddenly he saw a king cobra nearby, his servants tried to beat it with the stone. So booty stopped it & asked the servant to bring a stick, during that time the cobra has vanished. So booty remembers baba’s words don’t afraid & he happily memorized Sai Baba.

Baba’s Sleeping Bed


One devotee of Sai Baba has presented a wooden slab of size 1 foot by 4 feet (approx) he requested Baba to sleep in that slab. Baba normally sleep’s on the floor wrapping with gani bag & brick as a pillow. Baba hanged the wooden slab with an old linen cloth & he tied this cradle bed at 7 foot higher from ground level.
Sai baba lit 4 lamps at the corners of this room. Baba is 5.5 inch tall
(approx) & he used to sleep on that cradle bed without any support of ladder. Some devotee’s seen this miracles, went & told to everyone. Slowly the crowd has increased to see how Baba is climbing on the slab. Sai baba got irritated with the crowd, one day he broken the wooden slab & thrown it to the dhuni (fire).

Baba’s Control on Nature

One evening, there was a heavy storm in Shirdi & the sky was totally covered with black cloud & heavy lighting with the wind. Suddenly, there was a heavy rain in short time, total area was flooded completely and heavily. All animals, birds & people got fear & they all came to mosque. No one helped to rescue Shirdi. All devotees with devotions on their God Sai Baba & requested to stop the storm & rain.
Suddenly baba got out from mosque & stood on the edge of mosque & shouted like a thunder & told to storm that “enough stop your play & control yourself”. Within few minutes the rain & storm has stopped & slowly moon appeared on the sky. Baba has control on nature too.

Lighting the Lamp with Water

Sai baba used to go to Shirdi house & shop’s everyday to beg for food & oil. Some shop people got irritated with Baba & they stopped giving oil to Baba. Baba normally takes that oil to light lamps everyday night at the mosque. That particular day, when people not give oil, Baba came in disguised conditions & he came to mosque & told one of his devotees Shri Mahalsaphati that he did not get oil from shop & are refusing to give oil to him. Some of the people where hiding behind the mosque & watching what Baba was doing. So Baba told his servant to get some water in a small can, servant brought it & gave to Baba, Baba poured the water is his mouth goggled it & spitted it in the can. Then, he gave the water back to his servant & told him to pour the water instead of oil & light the lamp. Accordingly the servant had done & as a miracles all the lamps where lightened brightly. The people realised Baba’s miracles.

Curing the Diseases of Bhimaji Patil

Bhimaji Patil was affected with many diseases with a chronic chest pain, which leads to tuberculosis. He had taken many treatments, but no feedback. At last he lost his confidence & requested his God to cure him. In this situation Bhimaji wants to council with Nana Sahib Sandolkar. He wrote all his condition a letter & requested to tell his advice. Nana replied in letter in a single word that “Seeking help from baba’s feet”. So Bhimaji had been called at Shirdi & sat in front of Baba. Then Baba told to Bhimaji that because of his previous generation sins. The patient was helpless. Bhimaji pleased to Baba & expressed his emotions & he also surrendered to Baba completely. Baba’s mind was melted & he told “Wait, throw your worries will come to an end. One who was painful however came to this mosque will be happy once he stepped in this mosque. This pakkiri who is in the mosque is very dearest one & he will cure this disease & he will safe guard & protect all. Earlier the patient to vomit in blood once in every 5 minutes, moment he entered in the mosque, he was not vomited after Baba’s commitment, disease was getting cured slowly. Bhimaji went back to his house & slept for sometime he saw 2 dreams. After seeing this dream his treatment was completed successfully. And later he came to Shirdi & he slept on Baba’s feet & he was faithful to Baba.

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One of the famous hindu temple in North America Atlanta ga is Shirdi Sai Baba temple. This temple was opened on March 09, 2009. An awesome statue of Shirdi Sai Baba was kept and done installation on the same day.

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