Sai Baba Orignal Photo

Please find below the orignal photo of Shirdi Sai Baba and make prayers and get blessed. Please share this to all your friends and relatives and like and share this post and get blessed. Om Sai Ram.
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  1. I’m 30 years girl. I have always prayed to Sai. He has blessed me many times and guided me through out. With lots of trials that I have gone through.I have always supported my family after my dad’s business drowned. I quite my studies while I was in London and came back to my native started working in financial institution. I have achieved a lot being on my own feet.
    I have always surrounded myself to him. I visited Shirdi on the 1st Jan 2015 Thursday. I wanted to see him on the first day of the year believing it will the great start.
    My journey throughout life was NEVER EASY. Challenges I faced was just too much for a girl, but I survived. I never had any relationship for the last 6 years. My first relationship the guy cheated on me since then I just patiently waited that baba will bless me with right person.
    Being the eldest of the family my marriage was always been questioned. It was not nice answering everyone. It did hurt me within, I kept strong all my cousins who are of my age are married and even have kids. SO my Mom is also being pressured, but she is so understanding that she always right things will happen at the right time Baba shall take care.
    As per astrology that most of us believe in stated I will get married while I’m 31. Last year I met this person knew him as my client. Started speaking 5 months after knowing him. My mom too liked him. He always gave clue that’s he liked me but dint confess. I waited its now almost 6 months now after being very attached. He shares everything last week introduced me to his family and friends (in hospital as his mom was admitted for a surgery) He is a very kind hearted person. He knows I like him. We have been really close. I have seen his care and love.
    I have told him that I do love him and if he doesn’t have the same feelings keep away from me. He never stops talking to me but always claim that I’m his friend. He once called me and while speaking he said I told about you to my cousin. He was teasing so when are you getting married. Each time he gives me clue but doesn’t confess. At time it really hurt. This has caused me with depression and I’m on medication. I really want to get married to him. I have started my vrat for 9 weeks. I really hope I will have happy married life only with him. Please Sai Ram bless me for I have only you.


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