Sai Baba Fasting Procedure 9 Thursday vrat

Sai Baba is a very powerful God and the one who gets blessed by him will have an awesome life and all his wishes will be fulfilled. Some Sai devotees perform vrat or fasting for Sai Baba in order to get showers of blessings and to live a happy life. There is a powerful 9 Thursday vrat fasting. All Sai devotees trust this 9 Thursday vrat fasting that sure devotees will receive the blessings from Sai Baba. The proper procedure for this vrat is explained below.

1. People from any religion can perform this vrat.
2. This vrat should be started only on Thursday and to be continued for 9 Thursdays consecutively.
3. Devotees should visit Sai Baba temple on Thursday. If it is not possible to visit the temple, then make prayers at home.
4. Devotees should not harm themselves with an empty stomach. Devotees can have fruits, juices, etc and can have only one meal a day. (Rest of the days as usual you can eat regular diet)
5. Devotees should make prayers daily in the morning and evening as well. Read Sai Baba teachings and prayer book or Sai Satcharitra during thursdays. Be pure in heart and mind and soul during this vrat.
6. For making prayers to Baba, place a wooden board and cover it with a clean yellow cloth and place a Sai Baba photo or statue on it and apply kunkum on Sai Baba forehead in the photo or statue. Make prayers and make a wish. On the 9th Thursday donate food for 9 poor people.
7. If women have problems with menstrual cycle, then skip that particular Thursday and start resuming on the next Thursday.

Make Prayers to Sai Baba in the below links and get blessed.

This is very powerful vrat and if you do it properly with all your hearts to Sai Baba, then sure you will get showers of blessings in your life and all your good wishes will be satisfied by Baba. All your problems will come to an end and all your past Karmas will be vanished and you will get a happy life. Om Sai Ram.


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