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The majority of the request and prayers made by Sai devotees in this blog are problems in love marriage, problems in married life, childlessness, finance problems, joblessness and family problems. Sai Baba sure answers all your question. The power of Sai Satcharitra. How many of you have read Sai Satcharitra. Honestly speaking even I dint read it once. But I know the powers of it and the persons who received blessings in their life after reading it. Yes I promise each and everyone that all your answers for your question are in the book Sai Satcharitra.

Make Prayers to Sai Baba in the below links and get blessed.

There are 49 chapters in it. Read 7 chapters daily and complete it within 7 days and find great change in your life and receive blessings and see miracles in your life. Make a good wish and read and complete the book and ask Sai Baba and you will be given and you will get answered for all your questions in your life and Baba blesses and heals you from Dwarkamai live Darshan. Sai Baba speaks with you in your heart when you are reading the Satcharitra book and read it as many times as you can and stay blessed and get answered. Shirdi Sai Baba is live with us always. Om Sai Ram


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  2. Sairam i got pass in my exam bcoz of ur blesings sai thank u baba

  3. Jai sainath.. Please let my baby girl develop in all her milestones let her not have any problems neither mental physical nor emotional please let her live a long healthy life.

  4. Om Sai Ram, still am crying...very disturbed, restless, out of my control, loosing my temper, day by day am loosing my life. Please baba give me my happiness and life. why you keep so much silence in my life. I'm crying for more than 9 years, still no happiness, daily am dying inside or else allow me to leave this world. My jegan mama is my life, happiness, everything..I need him...please ask him to speak

  5. om sai ram, baba pls help me... i dont want this life .
    pls i beg u


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