Yoursaibaba website is an awesome and one of the top viewed websites among Shirdi Sai Baba devotees. The main concept behind this website yoursaibaba is to spread the messages and teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba to all his devotees. The link to the site is

The speciality of this website is that Shirdi Sai Baba answers all his devotees. This website is a miracle and millions have been benefited from this. Just visit this site and get blessed and ask Baba your question and he answers you through prashnavali. Make prayers to Baba and make a good wish and ask Sai Baba the answers for your question and receive blessings. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Gayatri Mantra

Shirdi Sai Baba Gayathri Mantra is very powerful and chanting this mantra brings strong mind and victory and all success and blessings in all aspects of life. It acts as a protecting shield for us. Chant this mantra 108 times or 1008 times specially on thursdays and receive the blessings from God.

"Om Shirdeeshwaraya Vidmahi
Dattereyaya Dhimahi
Tannoh Sai Prachodhayaath"

"Om Shirdi Vaasaaya Vidmahi
Sachidhanandhaaya Dhimahi
Tannoh Sai Prachodayath"

The basic Godess Gayathri Devi Gayathri Mantra is below. This is also very powerful and brings awesome success in life. Chant this daily and get blessed.

"Om Bhur Bhuvasvaha
Thatsavithur Varenyam
Bargo Devasya Dhimahi
Dhiyoyonah Prachodhayaath"

In history there are some people who saw Godess Gayathri Devi in real life and got blessings. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Fasting Procedure 9 Thursday vrat

Sai Baba is a very powerful God and the one who gets blessed by him will have an awesome life and all his wishes will be fulfilled. Some Sai devotees perform vrat or fasting for Sai Baba in order to get showers of blessings and to live a happy life. There is a powerful 9 Thursday vrat fasting. All Sai devotees trust this 9 Thursday vrat fasting that sure devotees will receive the blessings from Sai Baba. The proper procedure for this vrat is explained below.

1. People from any religion can perform this vrat.
2. This vrat should be started only on Thursday and to be continued for 9 Thursdays consecutively.
3. Devotees should visit Sai Baba temple on Thursday. If it is not possible to visit the temple, then make prayers at home.
4. Devotees should not harm themselves with an empty stomach. Devotees can have fruits, juices, etc and can have only one meal a day. (Rest of the days as usual you can eat regular diet)
5. Devotees should make prayers daily in the morning and evening as well. Read Sai Baba teachings and prayer book or Sai Satcharitra during thursdays. Be pure in heart and mind and soul during this vrat.
6. For making prayers to Baba, place a wooden board and cover it with a clean yellow cloth and place a Sai Baba photo or statue on it and apply kunkum on Sai Baba forehead in the photo or statue. Make prayers and make a wish. On the 9th Thursday donate food for 9 poor people.
7. If women have problems with menstrual cycle, then skip that particular Thursday and start resuming on the next Thursday.

Make Prayers to Sai Baba in the below links and get blessed.

This is very powerful vrat and if you do it properly with all your hearts to Sai Baba, then sure you will get showers of blessings in your life and all your good wishes will be satisfied by Baba. All your problems will come to an end and all your past Karmas will be vanished and you will get a happy life. Om Sai Ram.

Baby Names Starting with Sai

Sai devotees usually name their children starting with "Sai" in order to show the respect and love they have towards Shirdi Sai Baba and they think that their children is really a blessing of Sai Baba which is not only a fact but very true. Even in my case i will name my child starting with "Sai" even if it is a boy baby or a girl. When the word "Sai" is added in front of any name, the name becomes awesome and beautiful actually. So what I say is whatever name you select for your child, just add "Sai" in front of it as it automatically becomes beautiful and also it brings blessings to our child and it means that sure Sai Baba will bless our child and care always and he becomes Baba's child. Whenever we call our child as "Sai" we get blesssings from Sai Baba really. Find below few devotional awesome beautiful fabulous baby names for your child starting with "Sai".

Make Prayers to Sai Baba in the below links and get blessed.

Boy Baby Names Starting with Sai

Sai Vinayak
Sai Vel
Sai Shiv
Sai Krish
Sai Ram
Sai Laxman

Girl Baby Names Starting with Sai

Sai Laxmi
Sai Sana
Sai Saraswathi
Sai Priya
Sai Priyanka

Our Sai Baba

Is there no one for you to wipe your tears off? Is there no one to hug you when you are in pain? Is there no one to listen to your painful words from your heart and to share your feelings? Is there no one to help you when you are in need? Is there no one to care you? Is there no one to understand you? Are you in pain and unable to face your life? Are everyone laughing at you and you have no way in your life? Is your life is terrible and you have only walls to talk and are you alone? Is there no one to make you sleep where you are in pain? Is there no one one to clear the doubts in your heart? Is there no one to love you? Are you experiencing hell in earth and feeling like sitting in fire even if your surrounding is full of cool climate and rain? Is your heart being poked always with thorns in the form of problems and only sadness is your friend? SHIRDI SAI BABA helps and heals everyone. He is there for all of us. No fear when he is here. He is there to hug you all the time and he cares you and he talks with you in your heart. Ask and you will be given. Seek and you will find it. Knock and the door will be opened for you.

Make Prayers to Sai Baba in the below links and get blessed.

Trust and patience in Sai brings miracles in life and prayers brings answers for all your question. He heals you and answers you from dwarkamai live darshan. He is looking at you each and every minute and every second. He cares you and saves you and blessed your entire life. He makes you to win in front of everyone who spitted and laughed at you and those who hurted you. Sai Baba gives you an awesome success and your eyes will be full of tears of happiness. He answers you through prashnavali. Chant prayers and listen to prayer songs and see miracles in your life. Sai Satcharitra answers you and brings victory in your life in all means. I thought Sai Baba like clouds but he came like heavy rain and when I was under the rain he came as umbrella to save me from rain and blessed me. I was like language but now he turned me into beautiful song and music. You mixed with my soul dear Sai Baba. My silence and prayers made you to understand me and brought me blessings. I had no one in my life and I went alone but you followed me like my shadow. I was searching for the answer in my life and you came as the answer in my way and gave your heart peace and love to me. My love towards you will never die in my life until my soul lives in my body. I found the truth in your eyes. I understood that those who surrender you will have an awesome life. You covered me beneath your hands and cared me as my parents and above that. Like and share this post to everyone whom you care if you trust in him and if the above words are really true and get blessed from our Sai Baba. You are my everything. You are my sky and earth and life Baba. The only right thing that I did in my life is I became your devotee and that's it. None will never ever fail when Sai is with us. Baba please get me 1000000 likes  and 100000 comments and 10000 shares for this post. I wrote this post with tears in my eyes and more pain in my heart. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Orignal Photo

Please find below the orignal photo of Shirdi Sai Baba and make prayers and get blessed. Please share this to all your friends and relatives and like and share this post and get blessed. Om Sai Ram.
Pictures taken from and siridi-sai-baba.html

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Mylapore Sai Baba Temple

Mylapore Shirdi Sai Baba Temple was built in remembrance and as a memento of Shirdi Sai Baba. In Chennai city it is one of the famous powerful temples. People visit often and get blessings from Baba. They provide UDI and Prashad daily. This temple is also called as Sai Baba Samraj. People experienced many miracles after visiting this temple and including me experienced many miracles in job and personal life after visiting this temple in Mylapore. Those who are in Chennai city visit this temple and get blessings of Shirdi Sai Baba. 

Make Prayers to Sai Baba in the below links and get blessed.

Sai Baba Prayers
Sai Baba Prayer Request

The address is given below.

V C Garden Street,
Chennai - 600004,
Tamil Nadu.

Visit this temple and get blessed. Prashad offered here is "ven pongal" which is very tasty.

Sai Baba Answers

The majority of the request and prayers made by Sai devotees in this blog are problems in love marriage, problems in married life, childlessness, finance problems, joblessness and family problems. Sai Baba sure answers all your question. The power of Sai Satcharitra. How many of you have read Sai Satcharitra. Honestly speaking even I dint read it once. But I know the powers of it and the persons who received blessings in their life after reading it. Yes I promise each and everyone that all your answers for your question are in the book Sai Satcharitra.

Make Prayers to Sai Baba in the below links and get blessed.

There are 49 chapters in it. Read 7 chapters daily and complete it within 7 days and find great change in your life and receive blessings and see miracles in your life. Make a good wish and read and complete the book and ask Sai Baba and you will be given and you will get answered for all your questions in your life and Baba blesses and heals you from Dwarkamai live Darshan. Sai Baba speaks with you in your heart when you are reading the Satcharitra book and read it as many times as you can and stay blessed and get answered. Shirdi Sai Baba is live with us always. Om Sai Ram