Sai Baba Prayers for our Nation

How many of us pray for our own? Everyone. Isn't it. How many of us pray for others? A few. And how many of us pray for the nation for our mother country. Very few or no one. Right. The concept behind this blog post is to make prayers for the well being of our nation and to make it a habit to pray for our mother country all time when we make prayers. This is very great and prayers to nation brings happiness and good time, safety, well being and economic rise and protection from negative effects say world war, terrorism and natural factors.

Once again Yes dear, from now onwards let us keep prayers for nation too, while  making personal prayers. Protect improve and maintain the country. Prayers brings miracles. Let us all pray our dear Sai Baba for our country and make good wishes for our country. Dear Sai Baba please protect, save and improve our country. Each and every individual should be honest to the country. Sai please save and care and protect everyone in the country and save all the army and soldiers who work for the safe country. Please forward this to all and make our nation strong. Hands together. Om Sai Ram.

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