Forgiveness and Loving others

As per the teachings and messages of Shirdi Sai Baba it is very important to show love towards others and to forgive others and our enemies and to forgive if you have anything towards anyone. If you obey the words of Sai Baba then sure he will forgive all your sins and mistakes what you have done. Jealous and greediness kills us. It is the worst disease in this world. Ego kills us. It destroys our life.

Even though if there is nothing wrong on you, forgive your enemies and start loving them as Sai Baba loves us. If you help and care people with you, then sure Sai Baba will help and Care us. After following the words of Sai Baba ask him and you will be given. Be truth and honest and very clean from your heart in all aspects and you can see miracles in your life and sure our Sai answers all our questions from Shirdi dwarkamai live darshan. Om Sai Ram.

Make Prayers to Sai Baba in the below links and get blessed.

Forgive your friend who cheated you.
Forgive your wife.
Forgive your husband.
Forgive your family members.
Forgive your colleagues.
Forgive your neighbours.
Forgive the unknown person who betrayed you.

Pray for them and sure Sai Baba hears you and therefore you will be very high and become the sons of the great god in heaven. If you love others then Sai Baba loves you.

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