Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ask Sai Baba Yes No

Dear Sai Baba, There were many problems in my career, love, family, and marriage. There are 1000's of problems and troubles in my job and marriage. I lost the entire confidence of my life and came to you. I asked you using yes or no chit and you answered me yes. As per your words my marriage took place like a miracle crossings 1000's of obstacles and problems. But your words were very true and you made my wishes and my dreams came true as you promised in yes or no chit. I asked you and you gave me. But now life is terrible and some other different problems dear Sai Baba. Full of pain and I don’t know what to do. Please save me and please care and help me and heal me and get my beautiful life back to me. My life is beautiful as your wish and you are also caring me in my job what you gave me. Please save me all time and my only hope and entire life is for you only. Already i surrendered everything to you and my life is for you only. Even though i face lots of problems in my life, i will fear no evil and i will always be happy and as per your plan i will suffer and get entered into an awesome success and life in future. Thanks dear Sai Baba. I will accept all the pain that you give me and i always love you and i thank the beautiful life that you have given me. Life is beautiful. Accept the pain. Om Sai Ram.

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If you have a dilemma in your life on something on what decision has to be made, then ask sai baba using yes or no using chits and ask Baba's advice on what has to be done. But please dont play with this and this is not a game. This is life. Trust, faith and patience and ask Sai Baba and get answered for all your questions from Dwarkamai. He is always live with us. Trust and  get benefited. Accept what Sai Baba gives you and forget what he takes away from you. He know everything about our life and he already planned everything. If you accept Baba with your all heart and if you follow all his words, then ask him and you will be given for sure but always be honest and righteous in your heart like a child and see miracles in your life. If you surrender your life to Baba, then accept what he gives you and thank him. Nothing to blame and life is beautiful.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Shirdi Sai Baba Mantra

Mantras are used to make a relationship and a communication with god. It also helps us to calm and relax our mind when we are disturbed. It also helps in self empowerment and self control and chanting mantras will be a protection shield for us always. It protects us from all bad evil effects and evil eyes and black magic and it brings good success in all aspects of life. It brings victory. Chanting mantras will bring blessings and miracles in our life. It cures all our diseases and brings good health and wealth in our life.

Let us see few mantras below.
"OM... OM... OM"...

Chanting OM will bring positive vibrations and it also reacts with human body mind and soul and brings all sorts of good things and blessings in our life. Chant this daily and get blessings from lord Shiva.

Ganesha mantra for success

"Om Shri Ganeshaya Namah"

"Om GAM ganapadhaye Namah"

"Om ikdandhaaya vidmahe
Vakraduntaaya dhimahi
Tanno budhi prachodhayath".

Chanting the above mantra breaks all obstacles in our life and brings victory in all works that we do.

Shirdi Sai Baba Mantra.

This is the all in all powerful mantra which brings all goodness and answers and blessings and miracles and your good wishes will happen true in your life. Chant this daily.

"Om Sai Ram".

"Om Shirdeeshwaraya vidmahe
Dattatreyaya dhimahi
Tannoh Sai prachodhayaath".

Make Prayers to Sai Baba in the below links and get blessed.

Ask Shirdi Sai Baba and you will be given and Sai Baba answers all your questions from dwarkamai live darshan and listen to Sai Baba songs and see images of Shirdi Sai Baba in this blog and spread his principles and promises to everyone and let all of us get blessed and healed. Om Sai Ram.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Awesome Shirdi Sai Baba Images

Shirdi Sai Baba awesome beautiful images and pictures. Make prayers and good wishes and ask Sai Baba and he answers all your question from Dwarkamai live darshan.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Forgiveness and Loving others

As per the teachings and messages of Shirdi Sai Baba it is very important to show love towards others and to forgive others and our enemies and to forgive if you have anything towards anyone. If you obey the words of Sai Baba then sure he will forgive all your sins and mistakes what you have done. Jealous and greediness kills us. It is the worst disease in this world. Ego kills us. It destroys our life.

Even though if there is nothing wrong on you, forgive your enemies and start loving them as Sai Baba loves us. If you help and care people with you, then sure Sai Baba will help and Care us. After following the words of Sai Baba ask him and you will be given. Be truth and honest and very clean from your heart in all aspects and you can see miracles in your life and sure our Sai answers all our questions from Shirdi dwarkamai live darshan. Om Sai Ram.

Make Prayers to Sai Baba in the below links and get blessed.

Forgive your friend who cheated you.
Forgive your wife.
Forgive your husband.
Forgive your family members.
Forgive your colleagues.
Forgive your neighbours.
Forgive the unknown person who betrayed you.

Pray for them and sure Sai Baba hears you and therefore you will be very high and become the sons of the great god in heaven. If you love others then Sai Baba loves you.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Power of Sai Satcharitra

Hope all Shirdi Sai Baba devotees have heard about the word Sai Satcharitra. Let me explain the hidden powers of this. Sai Satcharitra is a book which explains about the life history of Shirdi Sai Baba. How many devotees of Shirdi Sai have read this book? A very few. Honestly Even I dint even had a glance on that. But i saw people who experienced the miracles and hidden secrets of this book. Ask people who experienced miracles in their life after reading the Satcharitra.

People who read this book had experienced the presense of Sai Baba and his blessings and miracles in their real life. Yes I tell all of you to get this book and to read and complete all the chapters. You should spend time to read this book and after completing this book see the miracles that happen for you. You may not even ask Sai Baba for a good wish that you want. Automatically once you done reading the book fully miracle follows on the wish that you want really. Sai Baba answers all your questions from dwarkamai live darshan after you complete reading this book.

Make Prayers to Sai Baba in the below links and get blessed.

Yes there are around 49 chapters in this book and try to complete 7 chapters daily therefore you can complete all the chapters within 7 days continuously. You can read this book n number of times and receive n number of miracles and blessings in your life. Yes Sai Baba answers all your questions and ask Sai Baba and you will be given. All your doubts and dilemmas will be answered by Baba. All your problems will be solved. Forward this post to all whom you care. Om Sai Ram.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sai Baba Prayers for our Nation

How many of us pray for our own? Everyone. Isn't it. How many of us pray for others? A few. And how many of us pray for the nation for our mother country. Very few or no one. Right. The concept behind this blog post is to make prayers for the well being of our nation and to make it a habit to pray for our mother country all time when we make prayers. This is very great and prayers to nation brings happiness and good time, safety, well being and economic rise and protection from negative effects say world war, terrorism and natural factors.

Once again Yes dear, from now onwards let us keep prayers for nation too, while  making personal prayers. Protect improve and maintain the country. Prayers brings miracles. Let us all pray our dear Sai Baba for our country and make good wishes for our country. Dear Sai Baba please protect, save and improve our country. Each and every individual should be honest to the country. Sai please save and care and protect everyone in the country and save all the army and soldiers who work for the safe country. Please forward this to all and make our nation strong. Hands together. Om Sai Ram.

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