God is Great

God is always great because when he closes one door, he opens the other which will always be better than the previous one. It will not be fair if you trust and pray and wait to reach your goals. Goals will be attained and success will be reached only with efforts and hard work. If you do your duty perfectly and make a good wish then automatically success becomes yours and also Sai Baba showers his blessings to you. God really knows what to give for whom.

He gives the best for the hard workers and he will be honest in his work too. Without your effort nothing is possible and there is nothing to blame the lord. Righteous and pure people in their heart will be blessed and see miracles in their life. Life is what we make it. Everything is in our own hands. Our Lord will always be with us to save and care. Do your duty and miracles will follow you. If you care and help people those who are with you, then really god helps and bless you. There is a solution for every problems and there is awesome life for us after our bad time goes away. Prayers to Sai Baba does best for all of us. Think twice and act wise. Be pure in your heart and ask the lord and you will be given. Seek and find miracles, knock and the door will be opened for you  Om Sai Ram.


  1. sai ram
    baba u know what is happening in my life.then why u r calm baba.plz do some miracle baba.i am unable to take this pain baba. i am a human being baba.plz listen to me and save us from this problem.plz baba plz baba come soon baba days are becomming hard for me and for my son .we r unable to face this problem baba .come soon baba and save my sindoor and give happiness.do some miracle baba.i am eagerly waiting for ur miracle and good news.dont test me baba because i cant take this any more.u r my only hope baba.u r my father brother everything baba.plz baba do some miracle and save and cure my husband from this dangerous disease and give long life.baba we cant live without him . plz baba dont punish me baba.save me my husband my son and myfamily from all bad evils and bad karmas. plz baba come soon baba to save ur children from this problem.dont dissapoint me baba.come soon baba and do miracle to save us

  2. sai ram

    plz baba waiting for ur blessings.plz baba come soon baba.i am unable to take this pain baba.baba plz do some miracle baba.plz baba come soon and save my sindoor.baba my family is in trouble because my husband life is in trouble baba.plz save him and cure him from deadly disease and give him long life and save my sindoor which is in ur hands.baba u r the one and only hope for me baba plz come soon baba.baba give us one more chance . baba dont make my life miserable.plz baba we are ur children come soon baba to solve my problem and to do miracle.day by day days are becomming worst baba which i cant take any more.plz accept my request to save us.plz baba waiting for ur blessings and miracle.sai dont leave me alone sai.plz do miracle.


Sai Baba Please save all of us. Help us...
Have Faith in Baba and be Patience...