Who is Shirdi Sai Baba

Sai Baba is the “Saint of Shirdi” and he remains popular. He was buried in Shirdi (Maharashtra - India). He is worshipped as a God and he has devotees all over the world. He is very powerful and many people have experienced millions of miracles by Baba. He told “All gods are one”. He taught the real meaning for love, forgiveness and helping others. He always does well for all his devotees. His soul neutralizes all our sins and he gives us a happy and awesome life to live in.

Shirdi Sai Baba
Sai Baba
Feel great to enter this page. Treat this page as a temple of Baba and not as a blog. Visit this temple often and share all your worries and prayer request to Baba here. This would be a turning point in your life. He wishes to see you and that’s the reason you entered this page. This is the first blessing you received from Baba. He wants you to be his devotee and he wants to give you an awesome life and that's the reason you are here. Baba likes you and he wishes you to be his devotee. He wishes to heal you from all your illness and problems. Being the author of this page I sure pray him for all the devotees who visit this site.

People from any religion can become his devotee. The first thing is have faith in Sai baba. Visit his temple whenever you find time. Keep a photo of baba or his statue in your house and worship him regularly. Evil spirits does not haunt you or your house. Decorate his pictures and statues with flowers. Pray deeply and surrender yourself to him. He does the remaining things to you. His pure soul comes in your life and gives happiness forever. Sincere the love you have in him, greater your life will be. Light oil lemon lamps or candles in your house daily for Baba. Go to Baba temple every Thursday and this will satisfy your mind and make you to forget all your feelings. He cures all your diseases and problems in life. Goodness and mercy shall follow you all the time. Chant with his devotional songs, take arathi and write “Om Sai Ram”, “Om Sai”, “Sri Sai”, “Jai Jai Sai”, "Satguru Sai" for 108 times in note book every Thursday. He will sure let you know that he is behind you for every success what you are going to receive. Always he will be with you and his presence shall be with you all the time.


  1. sai baba for me its time to surrender to you , please forgive my sins, i specially played with some ones feeling badly , now i want to live new life , really its very hard to me , really i need your blessings, healings and matured mind set , please deliver me from bad habits, bad thinkings and evil spirit , fill me with spirit and peace of mind , i am sorry sai baba please forgive , i promise i will never play with anyones feeling in future, please guide me , your my last hope , i put my all trust in you

  2. Please save and care me Baba. Please...

  3. baba please solve all our health problems

    1. Sai Baba of Shirdi Saves and cares all of us. He is with us always. Dont worry. Chant Om Sai Ram...

  4. baba please solve all our health problems

  5. Sai Saves and cares all of us. Dont worry. Chant Om Sai Ram...

  6. I humbly pray to Baba to bless my son Sandeep Kumar to get pass marks in his BE degree 3 subjects applied for revaluation and get relieved of mental stress.


Sai Baba Please save all of us. Help us...
Have Faith in Baba and be Patience...