Sai Baba Thought and Quotes

In this post you can find some great thoughts and quotes by Shirdi Sai Baba. There is something which can change our life. Yes, the purity of mind and soul, purity in words we speak, purity of thoughts and actions what we do, what we think. If these things get purified, then life automatically changes into prosperous happier one.

1. I have pulled you here, but not to return. I pull only those who are mine.
2. If you make me the sole object  of all your thoughts and aims in life, you will gain the supreme goals.
3. It is my special characteristic to free any person who surrenders himself to me completely, who worships on me faithfully and who remembers me and meditates on me constantly.
4. Trust in me and all your prayers shall be answered.
5. All action results from thought, so it is thoughts that matters.
6. If I take one rupee as dakshina from anybody, I will return tenfold to him.
7. Be a seeker for the truth and cultivate loving devotion. You will attain stability and peace of mind.
Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Sairam., u r gifted pregancy for me.thanks a lot sai.
    but my family is in need of money.please help me to decide on my life priority.I am much confused.please help me sai.i believe only on u.shall i try for job at this stage?


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