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Sai Baba solutions for problems

How to receive all 5 types of blessings in your life?

Best solutions for below problems and sufferings in life

1. Financial problems & Business Problems – Part 1. (Remaining parts will be explained one after the other in future posts)
2. Health problems
3. Studies & Joblessness
4. Childlessness
5. Not getting married & Relationship problems & Family Problems
6. Personal problems and evils.

Financial problems & Business Problems – Part 1

Chant these power package prayers.

Ohm Shree Ganeshaya Namah! – Break all your obstacles in anything.

Ohm Shirdeeshwaraya Vidmahe
Dattetreyaya Dhimahi
Tannoh Sai Prachodhayaath! – All your past sins get vanished.

Sri Rama Jayam! – Any time instant protection and shield.

Ohm Sai Ram.

Are you suffering from the below problems?

Financial problems & Business Problems – Part 1
Health problems
Studies & Joblessness
Not getting married & Relationship problems & Family Problems
Personal problems and evils

Even I do suffer. Problems are nature in each and every ones life. Some people face it with self decision, some people get help from others and some people find difficult to solve their problems and unable to make decisions on their own and also no help from others. In this world we cant even seek advice from any one as we were already betrayed. We cannot expect true love from anyone in this world. At least we will be a true relation for the people who trust us and those who are in a relation with us. If we care people surrounded us, then god cares us and does plenty. Only the words of God remain true. Some people take problems as a challenge to get a successful life and work on them. Actually the fact is problems and sufferings come in life to make us strong and it gives us an opportunity to become great. But no one understands it. We should never give up. If you fight to solve your problems then your life becomes awesome else you will suffer. This is the fact. Never ever give up things in your life. Just try to deserve and reach the goal.

Only we are responsible for all the problems that we get in our life knowingly or unknowingly for what we have done. We should reap for the things what we have sowed. We are the creators of the entire problem. But we should be the masters to solve it. The sins what we have done in our past life and current life brings karmas and these karmas are entirely responsible for all the problems and sufferings in our life. Once the past life karmas are neutralized, then life remains blessed.

Financial problems & Business Problems – Part 1

Almost you can find the causes and solutions for all types of problems under this topic itself.

Money is one of the major things that are essential for living. If you have little money, then you will rule it. Else money rules you if you have till neck. Also keep in mind that money is not everything. There are many things in this world that we can’t buy with money. The thing is if we don’t have enough money for our basic needs, then financial problem arises which starts to destroy the living and it will be a root cause for all the other problems. Let me discuss certain true things that cause financial problems in our life. First understand what money is. Money is Goddess Maha Lakshmi. She should wish to enter your house. If she visits often you will prosper else you will suffer. This is the key factor. Just trust what I say. There are two reasons for lack of money. Sin plays an important role in bringing financial problems. The next cause is our time may be not good.

Let us see how sin plays an important role in bringing financial problem. As I said above, Goddess Lakshmi should visit your house or she should shower blessings on you to prosper. If you earn money in bad means or spend money in bad means like drinking, smoking other bad habits, then you are committing a sin against Goddess Lakshmi. You fail to respect money. For time being earning in bad ways will make you happy but the second half of the life will be terrible. Also, spending money like drinking, smoking and such activities brings you happiness initially. But keep in mind that it destroys your living financially and health wise. If you spend money in good means then Goddess Lakshmi will shower blessings on you to prosper. This is true. Just trust. If you never respect the value of money, then it will move away from you. Just stop wasting money in bad means and just save it for your life. Save it for your kids. Being greedy, jealous on others and talking about other peoples money is also a sin which you should never do. If you want money just work hard and earn it. But not unwantedly talk about other people’s money.
Everyone will sure sow what they reaped.

The second thing is vastu and your bad luck time may be another problem in bringing financial problems. Let us discuss certain things that attracts money in your life to turn you prosper. There are certain feng shui methods to attract prosperity in your life. Feng shui is the Chinese vastu method in bringing luck and prosperity in your life.

Green is the color to attract wealth in your life. Try to decorate your home, vehicle, work place, etc... with green color in order to attract wealth and prosperity. Try to dress up in green color often or tie a green thread in your wrist. Plant more green trees and plants in your house to bring good luck. Green symbolizes evergreen life and prosperity.

Lord Kuber is the God of wealth. His auspicious day is Thursday. Try to visit lord kuber temple every Thursday and light ghee lamps. Light ghee lamps daily in your house too to neutralize all your past life karmas and sins and to get blessed. Try to dress in green color every Thursday to attract good luck.
Performing Kuber Mudra, the Lotus symbol mudra with fingers, as shown in the image makes vibrations with nature and brings wealth to you. Perform kuber mudra daily morning for 20 minutes to attract wealth. This mudra is double powered on Thursday.

Keep a Kuber statue facing north in your house and perform pooja daily.

Lighting ghee lamps to God every day morning and in the evening brings wealth and prosperous life. Light lemon lamps as shown in the image, in temple or in home daily to neutralize all your past life karmas and to get blessed.

Semi squeezed lemon and ghee inside with fire in cotton cloth as in the image.

Visit lord Guru temple every Thursday to bring all blessings in your life. Light ghee lamps to lord Guru to rich and prosper. Lord Guru is the master of all the planets. If he showers blessings on you, then you will prosper awesome forever. He controls all the malefic bad effects from all the other planets falling on you and will make you blessed with positive energies and changes your life. If you are unable to visit any Guru temples or no Guru temples in your surrounding then visit any temples with navagrahas and light ghee lamp to lord guru often every Thursday. The effects and blessings will be infinite and unbelievable. It works just try. Without trying nothing is possible. Trust brings good results.

Keeping natural Money Plant in your house and work place is the excellent way to attract wealth and prosperous life. It communicates with nature and brings good luck. It can get you a new job, promotions, business improvements and good luck in your carrier. Lucky Bamboo plant too does the same.

Lucky arowna fish. Growing lucky arowna vastu fish in your home brings prosperity in your life. You might have seen it in many places like hotels, jewellery shops, complex malls etc… to bring good luck.

Keep waterfall wallpaper in living room to attract wealth.
Keep waterfall wallpaper in your phone.
Good ring tones in your phone. Not sad ones.

Waking up early in the morning daily will change your life. You will never get health issues if you follow it daily. Waking up late is the cause for all the sufferings including poor health in life and job related problems. Wake up early daily, take bath and 20mins of mediation and Light ghee lamps in your house morning before 6 clk to get all blessings in your life. Perform surya namaskar daily to receive all good radiations and blessings from sun. Google different types of surya namaskar and practice daily.

Keep hyundial (money drop box) in your house and save money. It will automatically turn you to save money. Just try. Motivate your children’s to save money in this means.

Work honestly for the salary you get without sitting simply in office and wasting time. If you not work and earn money, then you will not be able to enjoy the money what you get. It will be wasted in some other means.

Pay your taxes regularly without converting it into black money.

No giving money to others on Friday as loan.

Donate food to the poor.

How to receive all 5 types of blessings in your life.

5 oil lamps (“Panja Dheepa Ennai” in tamil)

Lighting oil lamps is to light the mind. To bring brightness to mind, soul and life. Lighting lamps with white cotton cloth with the mixture of the 5 oils daily in the morning and evening in temple or home as explained below will bring showers of blessings instantly and prosper the life.
There are various combinations of mixtures of oils to light lamps to bring various types of blessings. But the major combination is explained below to receive all 5 types of blessings in your life. It nullifies all evil and brings knowledge and power there by turning life prosper.
Ready made 5 oil mix is available in shops. You can get it. Else you can mix it as explained below.

Gingelly / Sesame oil
Eliminate difficulties and obstacles in ones life.
Pure cow’s ghee
Ensures prosperity, health and happiness
Mahua oil
Helps one free from debt and receive blessings from lord shiva
Castor oil
It brings fame, name and happiness to family
Neem oil
Brings wealth to the family

Try the above steps and turn your life awesome.

Visit Thirupathy temple to seek a change in your life.
Thiruneermalai temple in Chennai is also powerful in bringing prosperous life and new job and new business and marriage too.

Brainstorm how to grow in career or business to turn rich
Innovate on your plan
Implement it
Work hard.
Turn rich

As per the great words of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam,
Dream, dream great. Dream results in thoughts. Thoughts transform into actions. Thoughts are powerful

We cannot change the future
But we can change our habits. Habits can change our life.

Changing the habits can change the life. Turn rich, healthy and happy with these habits.

1. Wake up early in the morning before 5.
2. Take bath daily in the morning and evening.
3. Meditate daily and walking for 30 minutes in the morning.
4. Avoid negative thinking and avoid negative people.
5. Praise others.
6. Try to maintain your dressing with your lucky colors.
7. Forgive all your enemies.
8. Stop talking bad words, negative words.
9. Avoid junk foods.
10. Light ghee lamps to God Daily.

Keep mindset of success
Quality and prosperity in life is the quality of heart and hard work what you do.
Think good for others. Forgive and pray for your enemies as you will become the sons of the most high the lord in heaven as per the words in the holy Bible.

Stay connected for further parts… God bless you. Om Sai Ram.

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