Sai Baba Wishes all a Happy Valentines Day

Shirdi Sai Baba wishes all of you a very happy Valentines Day. On the behalf of this valentines day 14 Feb 2015, I wish all of you to be happy ever and to get showers of blessings from Sai Baba. The world is world is bad. No one can expect true love. But the thing is you give your true love to others without expecting anything in return and life becomes beautiful automatically. This Valentines day is not only for lovers and couples. This is for all of us to love one another as how our God Sai Ram loved us. Forgive all your enemies and forget the past. Life is to live happy. Don't make unwanted problems with the relationship that you have and complicate it and don't feel at the last. No one is perfect. Just love one another and forgive all your enemies and Sai Baba forgives all your sins. I wish all Sai devotees to live happy from this moment. Helping others, forgiveness, faith and patience, righteous from the heart are the qualities that Baba likes and blesses. If you are into breakup in your relationship with your lover or partner or any others, then please forgive everything and accept them. No one is perfect. As per the golden words of Swami Vivekananda, if you want to live happy, you should be ready to accept the pain behind. Problems and pain are nature and each and every person in this world have their own problems. Life is what you make it. Sai Baba blesses and gives you the one that makes you happy and takes away the one that does not makes you happy. He is the God and he knows everything. We humans cant understand the decision made by Gods initially and you understand everything later what Sai did for you is always perfect and good and for your well being. Light lamps to Sai Baba and start celebrating this Valentines day happily. Those who expect love and being single will get a good lover come life partner shortly with the blessings of Baba. True lovers waiting for marriage with lots of problems and troubles will get blessed and married with your beloved ones in the name of Sai. Cheating lovers and partners will be blessed and turned true from this moment with the blessings of Sai. Let false love life turn true and I wish all of you to live a true and happy life as Sai Baba wishes. Om Sai Ram. Perform meditation daily and dont let your thoughts dirty. Avoid thinking too much unnecesserily and dont sit sad and dont waste your time. Meditation makes you perfect and happy and you will be healed and blessed. You will be really blessed with what you want. Sai knows everything. Follow your heart and dont take foolish decisions in your life. Ask Sai Baba for advice and accept Baba with all your hearts and he does the rest. Dont worry. Forward this good message in this good day and spread the teachings and messages of Baba to all and celebrate the godly valentines day happily.