Shirdi Sai Baba Tamil Songs

Devotees can download Shirdi Sai Baba Tamil Songs from the below links. Just right click the link and choose "save link as" and save the file in your computer as mp3 sound format. Listen to these nice awesome beautiful songs and get blessed. Om Sai Ram.

Song 1
Song 2
Song 3
Song 4
Song 5
Song 6
Song 7
Song 8
Song 9
Song 10

Listen to these songs and receive miracles in your life. Turn happy.


  1. Om Shree Sai Nathaya Namaha...

    I am a BE graduate in 2012...After then i started searching job....but no opening
    for freshers..then i stared to do courses...and again i searched for jobs...But no
    use..Then i started to look for Government job from 2014...and wrote 3 exams...But i
    did not get the result...

    I done many pooja and prayed to God...I also did Sai baba's 9 thrusdays vratha...
    and its already 2 months...i am waiting atlesat something will happen in my life...

    I am facing many problems...i am not able to show face to anybody...I dont no what
    will happen to my life... I am in Dark forest..I dont no whether i ll serview or not...

    Sai Baba i beleave and love you a lot...Please help me....Please show me the way to life...Dont leave my hand...Please...Please....

    Your Devotee

  2. Baba my selva left me.I want to marry him. Please give him toe


Sai Baba Please save all of us. Help us...
Have Faith in Baba and be Patience...