The Power of Sai Satcharitra

Hope all Shirdi Sai Baba devotees have heard about the word Sai Satcharitra. Let me explain the hidden powers of this. Sai Satcharitra is a book which explains about the life history of Shirdi Sai Baba. How many devotees of Shirdi Sai have read this book? A very few. Honestly Even I dint even had a glance on that. But i saw people who experienced the miracles and hidden secrets of this book. Ask people who experienced miracles in their life after reading the Satcharitra.

People who read this book had experienced the presense of Sai Baba and his blessings and miracles in their real life. Yes I tell all of you to get this book and to read and complete all the chapters. You should spend time to read this book and after completing this book see the miracles that happen for you. You may not even ask Sai Baba for a good wish that you want. Automatically once you done reading the book fully miracle follows on the wish that you want really. Sai Baba answers all your questions from dwarkamai live darshan after you complete reading this book.

Make Prayers to Sai Baba in the below links and get blessed.

Yes there are around 49 chapters in this book and try to complete 7 chapters daily therefore you can complete all the chapters within 7 days continuously. You can read this book n number of times and receive n number of miracles and blessings in your life. Yes Sai Baba answers all your questions and ask Sai Baba and you will be given. All your doubts and dilemmas will be answered by Baba. All your problems will be solved. Forward this post to all whom you care. Om Sai Ram.


  1. baba u know that my father is suffering from lung ailment whuch is not curable at all in medical science. But you r the greatest doctor. plz treat him ur way n extend his life for few years . you know my position. plz cure him baba plz.....

    1. Sai Baba heals all his devotees. Prayers to Baba brings miracles.

  2. BABA i surrender to your feet and forgive my sins and mistakes. BABA Bless my family members and Protect them and be with them. Bless me to read the book. Bless me to fulfill the wishes. Om sai ram

  3. I do not have access to the book. Is there an online copy available? sai ram

  4. Yes there is,refer to Sai Sansthan's website.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  5. Om Sai Ram. Aapko sab kuch vidit hai Bhagwan. Aap hum sab ki raksha keejiyega. Humein sada apni Sharan mein rakhiyega. Apna poora Jeevan hum aap ke Shri charanon mein rakhte Hein. Hum par apni kripa dikhayiye Bhagwan. Hamare sabhi kashton Ko door kariye. Om Sai Ram.

  6. Dear Sai
    As people say karma is a boomerang, I have experienced a lot of problems personally in my life. I fell in love with a wrong person. I have realised it very soon but I'm not able to leave him he is blackmailing me, he wants me to convert to Christianity. He is torturing me, suspecting me, he uses bad language to yell at me. For trusting and accepting this kind of person I can better die. It's been 6 years since he started torturing me. I couldn't even tell this to my parents. Now my parents hav seen a groom for me. I like him a lot and my marriage is going to be held on June 4th. That idiot is unaware of this. If at all he came to know he will kill me and my parents, so I surrendered myself to saibaba. Hope he will take care of everything. I need you to pray for me please. I have to get rid of this struggle which I'm experiencing for about 6 years. Just now i have completed reading Sai Satcharithra.I'm awaiting for the positive result.
    Om Sai Sri Sai jai jai Sai.
    Sri sachidhanandha sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai

  7. Baba please bless me with a good job..(E.O) You know na

  8. Baba waiting for motherhood. Ye mera hak hai and meri jidd hai apse. apko puri karni hogi.
    Waitung for the positive test result. Kab jaise ye ap jano. Mujhe darshan do sai. mere tutey dil ko sahara do rahat do meri prarthna swikar kar k meri jholi bhar k.


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