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Listen to the devotional songs and Aarti songs of Baba and get blessed. If you listen to these songs all your worries from your heart will vanish. These are very pleasent and mind blowing songs. You feel happy and all your pain from your heart gets vanished.
Whenever you feel depressed, listen to these songs and become free from all your worries.
Devotees can download various Shirdi Sai Baba songs from the links below. Once the link is clicked the song starts to play in the window.
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Make Prayers to Sai Baba in the below links and get blessed.

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Download link 2 : Sai Dhup Aarti
Download link 4 : Sai BabaAarti 2
Download link 5 : Sai Baba Aarti 3
Download link 6 : Om Jai Sai

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  1. sai ram

    baba plz save my sindoor. my husband suffering from cancer . plz baba do some miracle to cure him and give him long life .u r the one and only hope for us.plz baba help us because i cant take this tension any more. my husband life is in trouble baba, plz save him and cure him perfectly because we r ur children baba and my sindoor is in ur hands. plz save my sindoor.plz bring happiness in ur lifes by giving long life and by curing him from this disease.baba do some miracle baba plz

  2. Appa sairam
    I cant live my life without vijay.till now i haven't went against my parents wish.I acted the girl they want me to be.I accepted whatever they give blessed me with good parents who really care for good health for dad, new job for vijay.I just surrendered your feet you are everything for me.Only you and vijay knew my pain.Im not justifying anything. I need appa amma acceptance for marriage vijay.I wont spoil their name by moving out of my home.If i didt get vijay atleast take my life.please sairam you are everything for me please help me I need vijay.Be with me ever.Build my confidence pls

  3. TODAY IS RAMNAVAMI ............ OM SAI RAM SAI PLEASE HEAL ME SAVE ME FORGIVE ME AND BLESS ME I am getting desperated because i pray and pray and pray and take medicines and still this health problems are making my life difficult ...... PLEASE HEAL ME BABA .......... SAVE ME . PLEASE ................ AND BLESS AND TAKE CARE OF MY FAMILY TOO , Srinivas

  4. Om Sai Ram
    Pls baba g meri help kro..main kapil k bina kisi aur se shaadi nhi kra sakti..baba g pls uske parents man jaye air hmari jaldi shaadi ho jaye..baba g is time main bhut dukhi hun mujhe aapka hi sahara hai..pls baba g meri shaadi sirf kapil se hi ho aur kahi nhi...pls help me baba g..hum dono shirdi aayenge baba g..
    Om sai ram

  5. Dear Saibaba,

    We have been married for many years but have not been able to have a baby. I have undergone many medical treatments but nothing has helped so far. Baba, you are my father. I request you with folded hands to please cure my disease and make me capable of carrying and giving birth to my baby. I know you can do miracles. Please do this miracle baba and make my life complete. You have blessed me with so many good things in life and I am so thankful to you for everything. Please listen to my prayers baba, your daughter needs you.

    I am waiting with shraddha and saburi.

    With love and sincere regards,

  6. Sabka malik....mere family par aapka krupya aajaye aur un logon ka problems khatham ho jaaye aap apne hath mein le jiye in logon ko

  7. Baba please help me baba..please baba.I can't bare it. It is enough baba.I can't bare it more...I believed my friends but they betrayed me. U know all things.. Why baba why is it to me only..please baba I have to study icwai final.. I need job..please help in studies and please help me to forget about my past.. I can't control my tear when I remember my friends words..please baba please save me from this I know u surely one day help me... But when it will come baba.please come to me and show the truth and right my life I did not done any mistakes in other life and never hurt anyone intentionally then why is this pain and torture to me baba I am just 21 years old even I am struggling more for peace at this age baba please save me..I am ur child na please my tears are begging you baba please help me

  8. thanks baba jai sai ram...samartha satguru sainath maharaj ki ji..

  9. Baba please help my Younger son Vinay who is suffering from Jaundice at this moment now he is in final year of B.Tech with almost 3 months left for completion of course and Now Job Placements are going on and he has to appear Final exam also. if he doesnot cure within one week, then his future will be at stake... Baba please help and if you want to give punishment please give me, but please spare his health and he has to go back to pune after treatment. tomorow he is coming to hyderabad for treatment. within one week he has to go back.. Baba please save

    1. Om sai ram....Om sai namo narayanayaaaa...Dont worry...Sai always with ur son..........

    2. Thanks Baba it is not major Jaundice. right now he is taking medicines and please help him Baba as next week he will be leaving for Pune and last 2 months for his completion of course, in this 2 months he has to write the final exam and get placed by campus interviews for Marine engineering Companies... Baba please save and help us in this crucial period

  10. Sai baba,please forgive me for my mistakes.I didn't go according to your teachings but I promise I will do further according to your teachings.please forgive me and please fulfill my wish please sai bless me please.

  11. Shirdi baba, please help us sell our house as soon as possible at the price we want. It has been 60 days gone by. Help I am tired of the school commute. Your child, Ashika

  12. Om sai ram.Please reverse my son's chronic kidney disease and make him healthy and let him lead a normal life.Give me peace of mind.

  13. Baba Thanks a lot and my son vinay got cured from Jaundice and well placed. this all miracle happened with your grace in all 2 months of period

  14. Sai baba, I need you. Please bless me baba. Sai baba mera visa approval Jaldi aa jaye. Please Sai baba. Mujhe US ka visa mil jaye Aur mera admission ho jaye. Baba you know everything. Please help me baba. Please Sai baba. Om Sai Ram ��

  15. Baba I want my son please Baba...

  16. Om sai ram. Sai baba ji please meri help kijiye.aap sab ki help krte hai. Please sai baba ji mere khoye hue pyaar ko wapis le aaiye mere paas. I want to get married with my love. Please. Please please help me babaji. Me and my family are going through in very difficult time. Plz babaji .

  17. Om Sai Ram

    I have many problems. My father recently suffered a heart attack. I pray to you Baba that he will not have to undergo surgery and he will over come his heart problem snd stay with us for some more years.

  18. Baba

    I am in need of a job. I need a job soon. I have been desperately trying for a foreign job pemreferqbly the UK. But so muh obstacles. Please help me to overcome my job problem. Also I pray that my relationship problems are sorted and I get to live in UK.


Sai Baba Please save all of us. Help us...
Have Faith in Baba and be Patience...